AI + Stencils Blue Edition

After success with one of my detailed stencils over an alcohol ink panel I tried a few more all with a mix of blue inks. The one above features the Darkroom Door crackle stencil over a mix of cloudy blue and stream inks.

There is also a little bit of salt sprinkled on the panel where the stencil did not make consistent contact. This technique is definitely not for the impatient among us!

I am still working on Grafix white craft plastic and often starting over the top of a panel that already had ink on it. All the card bases are Neenah solar white.

The stencil above is MFT geometric stars and I positioned it over a panel of denim and stream inks with some leftover copper as well. The ‘print’ is not very consistent but I like the way a distinct line is right next to a blurry pattern.

I finished this one off with a die from the Pinkfresh Studio ‘sending’ die set.

I worked with the DD mesh stencil a couple of times because it didn’t make consistent contact on my first attempts. I found if I taped it over the alcohol ink panel onto a piece of scrap cardboard I could bend the cardboard slightly to make sure stencil stayed pressed onto the wet alcohol inks. I just popped the piece in the right sized container to keep it bent while it dried.

This one is a mix of denim, cloudy blue, silver and a tiny bit of stream down in the right hand corner. I added a sentiment from the DD ‘tall flowers’ set.

As you can see my fascination with this technique continues. I did pick up a couple more detail stencils the other day for this very purpose. I will also give it a try with some watercolour paints and paper. I’m sure the result will be different as the watercolour paints soak in but I think there could be a pretty and subtle pattern. Stay tuned!


11 Comments on “AI + Stencils Blue Edition”

  1. Laurie L says:

    Wow. These are really cool. Any thoughts on having an online class for this? 🙂

  2. Patricia Rowe says:

    It does seem to be addictive. Love how you are willing to experiment, even recognizing there are some of us who might not be patient enough.
    Always good advice for techniques that may take time. I live AI and am thrilled to see what to do with them.
    Thank you.

  3. Paula S says:

    These are lovely Heather. Thank you so much for sharing your details with us!

  4. Pat says:

    I love all the wonderful blue tones Heather and more fabulous results using these three different pretty stencils. x

  5. paprpass says:

    Thank you for dipping into your “patience” jar and creating such beauty to share! I love the subtleties of the blues with the stencils. I had a thought that made me giggle…If you were to make these to sell, they would be at least $100 each! Patience should be rewarded, lol. My favorite is the mesh stencil, but they are all gorgeous.

  6. nancystiz says:

    These are all gorgeous and something I’d like to try! Thanks to your clear descriptions of your process I may be able to do it. Love the shades of blue and love working with stencils so thanks for the inspiration.

  7. gorgeous backgrounds!

  8. […] can see other cards made using this technique here and […]

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