AI Abstract and Landscape

While trying the stencil and alcohol ink techniques earlier this week I also returned to techniques I’ve used before. The Grafix white craft plastic panel above was a grey & blue one which wasn’t very interesting. I added warm tones either side and using tilting and air blowing to create a pattern that looks a little like a rock cross section.

I used some clear gesso to seal this one but it did drag some colour and leave some texture lines so I wouldn’t recommend it as the best sealing solution. I could use a spray sealant but it is very, very cold outside so I’m not popping into the back yard to use aerosol cans right now!

I would tell you the ink colours I used if I knew. I picked up a panel with ink from a previous session then start putting more ink here and there and in no time I saw colours and patterns appear with no idea which ink went where!

On this second panel I have a bit more of an idea of the landscape colours. I began with a previously inked panel and added pesto, ginger and sunshine yellow inks along with generous amounts of rubbing alcohol to move the inks.

As I tipped the panel and used an air blower I was able to create stripes across the panel which looked a bit like hills. I feel like this is still a fluke for me; I wish I could give you exact instructions but it works sometimes and not others.

To add the look of trees and crops I used an alcohol ink paint brush and a very small amount of alcohol ink or isopropyl alcohol. I wanted to add texture to the ink that was already there rather than add more ink because when you add more ink it tends to displace the ink you already have on the panel. With this in mind I added a drop of sunshine yellow at the end to be the sun. It did not expand neatly in a circle so I used a paint brush which meant the sun was a bit larger than intended! I finished both cards with sentiments from the Paper Rose Studio ‘so extra supporting sentiments’ pack.

Alcohol ink art seems to be equal parts fabulous and frustrating but I will keep on persevering and see if I can come up with some processes I can recreate and share with you.


6 Comments on “AI Abstract and Landscape”

  1. cakewizzardhotmailcom says:

    These are beautiful pieces, it makes me want to stay home and lock myself in my craft room with my inks. I appreciate that you use something other than Yupo. I haven’t used the LG sheet of white graffix I bought ages ago, it coming out now.

  2. Brechtje says:

    Love what you made. Colours are beautiful. Stay well in the cold!

  3. Pat says:

    Your results are fabulous Heather and you have the colours running beautifully on both, but as you say it is not an exact science and you have to go with it. I love the landscape you have achieved especially with that wonderful bright sun and the darker colours which add contrast to it. x

  4. nancystiz says:

    A definite WOW factor on both of these! That first one is just gorgeous as it is. I never get results that look that good. Scenic painting with alcohol ink is difficult but yours is absolutely amazing! You make me want to rush back there and try this again. I’m in awe that you reworked a panel that already had ink on it and it looked THIS good! In either one of these I don’t see any frustration, only exceptional beauty and skill!

  5. Bonnie says:

    Both of these are beautiful, frameable pieces, Heather! It looks like you have a lot better control of ink than I ever get! The first card reminds me of dirty pour, but much prettier! I love how the warm colors warm the whole scene.

  6. Ellie Knol says:

    WOW, these are gorgeous!

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