AI Brussel Sprouts video

If you are a little baffled by the title of this post don’t worry no brussel sprouts were harmed or eaten or even incorporated into the making of this video! But would you agree that the little patterns formed inside the circles on the panel look a bit like brussel sprouts?

You will see in the video I didn’t set out to make a brussel sprout pattern; I actually changed track part way through the process. The video shows the technique I started with along with stencil technique I ended up doing. So it’s basically a 2 for 1 deal.

There are several ways to use a stencil with alcohol inks and this is just one. Make sure you check out Ardyth’s youtube channel for more ideas. I mentioned in the video that some alcohol inks tend to be a bit pushy and end up taking over a colour scheme. The lime green did so on this card but I’m glad there are some blues tones still visible at the base of the card.

I finished the card with die-cut letters and a single word from Paper Rose Studio’s So Extra sentiment strips.

You can see other cards made using this technique here and here.



9 Comments on “AI Brussel Sprouts video”

  1. Patricia Rowe says:

    Thanks for tutorial.

  2. Laura Kate says:

    Thank, Heather. I enjoyed viewing this one with my breakfast.

  3. That is so cool, thanks for sharing the video 🙂

  4. Pat says:

    This stencilling using the pretty alcohol inks has worked brilliantly Heather and perfect for a card just with a die cut and stamped sentiment to finish it. I haven’t tried this technique but will certainly give it ago. x

  5. nancystiz says:

    I admit, your title captured my attention and what a fabulous design you created. Love the gradient in this whether intentional or not. Thanks for the video too and for introducing us to so many new and innovative techniques. Beautiful card- and now I’m hungry for brussel sprouts.

  6. Cathy R says:

    What an awesome effect! Love the brussel sprout look! Cool video too, Cathy x

  7. Clelie says:

    First…I LOVE Brussel Sprouts (with salt and butter)! Mmmm! Second…great video; it was amazing to see the colour pushed out from beneath the stencil…that just might be the solution to a dilemma (I have) using texture paste, stencil, and Brusho! As always, I am so inspired by your beautiful Works!♥

  8. […] year I posted a video where I used a stencil to create a pattern on craft plastic with alcohol inks. I used a more open […]

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