A Day at a Time journal page

This page is in one of my Fabriano art journals. I’ve mentioned before that I have a love/hate relationship with these journals as the pages are not really meant for watercolour and I always want to do watercolour. I can’t bear to quit though because there are quite a few completed pages in the journals and I want to get to the end.

I began this spread with some inspiration pages open on my Pinterest ‘journal‘ board but no real plan; I was after a look but didn’t have a theme. I rarely use my distress stain sprays as sprays; I usually paint with them but this time I taped the edges of the pages then put the book in my recycle paper box and sprayed with vintage photo, faded jeans and wild honey spray stains. I then sprayed some water but as I mentioned, this paper doesn’t act like watercolour paper so the stains didn’t blend and move.

Next I added some texture with modelling paste through the Darkroom Door diamonds & handwritten script stencils. Once that dried I blended round the edges of the pages with faded jeans, vintage photo, wild honey and black soot distress inks which highlighted the added texture. I was happy with my chosen colours but still didn’t know what the focus should be. I coloured some strips of sheet music and added Darkroom Door ‘plaid’ and ‘sheet music’ stamping here and there.

Initially I wanted to use the pocket watch and the teacups so I stamped them in vintage photo and swiped them through diluted inks to pick up colour as well as adding colour with a paint brush. Once they were painted and cut out I clear embossed the clock face three times with high gloss embossing powder to look like glass and used normal clear embossing powder for the cups.

To brighten up the centre of the double page I ended up spreading white absorbent ground over the strips of sheet music and out towards the edges. Then began the longish process of turning the page into a composition. After much rearranging I realised that the tower of teacups and the pocket watch need a third element so I tried a floral piece then just a single shelf (stamped with DD woodgrain background stamp) and finally realised the ‘book spines’ stamp would probably work again. Honestly I’m not trying to put that stamp in every single journal page. Even with the books it still took a while to balance the layout and come up with some words. I finally decided on ‘one day at a time’ stamped on the shelf with the DD alphabet medley stamps. As Vicky Papaioannou often does on her amazing art journal pages, I finished with both black and white splatter then removed the masking tape before gluing down my elements.

It’s nothing like my initial inspiration photos on Pinterest but it did give me some good practice at adding texture and layers to my art journal, two things I don’t find easy. I only have one of my art journal pages on youtube as there is so much humming and ha-ing as I work out what I want. If I cut out the pondering parts is an art journal page process something you’d like to see in a video?


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7 Comments on “A Day at a Time journal page”

  1. nancystiz says:

    WOW! This is incredible. Thank you for describing you process! Love the mixed media work on this as well as the layout. And I’d LOVE to see a video of a journal page. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  2. jellybeanerz says:

    Nicely done page indeed! sometimes it really is one day at a time; or a minute even! Happy New Year

  3. June says:

    I did a version of your books you read page because I liked yours so much.
    This is a wonderful journal page also and I plan to recreate it too.
    I’d like to see your process. You do explain it very well in this post.

  4. Geri S says:

    It turned out beautifully! Yes – I’d love to see a process video.

  5. Pat says:

    This is a fabulous journal page Heather and love the colours and the design, perfect with the sentiment strip used as a shelf for the books and pocket watch…love the embossed shine, and the tower of teacups go perfectly sitting on a shelf on the other side to balance it out.

  6. Clelie says:

    I love watching ANYTHING you create…and please DON’T ‘cut out the pondering parts’! Watching (and listening to) your processes gives me confidence that I don’t have to have everything ‘perfect’ and I can keep going…changing…solving problems during MY creative moments instead of letting Frustration get the better of my production ‘hopes’. I don’t know how to articulate this properly…I hope it makes sense! I have always loved and LEARNED from your ‘Saves’. ♥♥♥

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