Woolly Wishes

This is the first knitting project I have done in years! I keep meaning to pull out some needles and wool to see if it hurts my hands to knit. I have a little stash of wool and plenty of different sized needles and I used to knit while watching tv. My last project was never finished then my hands became quite sore so I haven’t tried again.

When I first saw this Darkroom Door knitting stamp I couldn’t believe how realistic it looked when stamped and coloured. I stamped with versamark and embossed in clear powder on hot pressed watercolour paper for both cards. On the panel above I used Karin brushmarkers (amber, lilac, violet blue, magenta) to colour random shapes over the panel just like you get when you knit multicoloured yarn. I spritzed lighlly over the panel with water to get the colours to blend just a little.

I knew just the dies to use to complete the card. Penny Black has a set of looped frame dies which look a little like knitting stitches and the PB warmest wishes die is made of small curly letters that look like loops of wool. I cut both from purple cardstock with double sided adhesive on the back.

The second card features a simple pattern painted over the embossing with nautical blue and cottage ivy memento inks smooshed on my glass mat. I wanted to do a fancy snowflake pattern but decided I should start with something simple. Just as well as I missed a whole line of the pattern I was trying to do. This time I matted the panel with dark blue cardstock and stacked three layers of the ‘hello’ from the Penny Black ‘doodles’ die set which also looks a bit like yarn.

I had to make the knitting panel smaller to fit on the matching piece of blue cardstock so I re-cut it with the WaffleFlower A2 layer dies and saved the slim outline to glue inside the card. I will definitely be playing with the DD knitting stamp again because I want to colour a fancy fairisle type pattern. It will also show up in a small role on a card coming up later in the month.

I am happy to be back blogging again after my short break; I’ve missed chatting with you. I wish I could say I achieved all my planning and preparation goals but that is far from the truth. I think maybe my expectations were set a bit too high! Today’s cards feature the knitting stamp that had been sitting waiting patiently for some ink for months. I could have continued to stamp and play this image for days but I limited myself to one day so I could move onto other things. Is your year off to a good start, have you had some creative time already?


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6 Comments on “Woolly Wishes”

  1. nancystiz says:

    I can’t get over how these look like real knitting! Beautiful work with that stamp. I can’t imagine how fussy it must have been to color the striped one and leave some stitches white. Thanks for sharing these. Also about knitting, since I’m a braider I found those hand supports at the drug store work great for hand pain if you still want to knit.

    • Heather says:

      Thanks, Nancy, it was a little fiddly on the striped one but I am still going to try for another patterned panel! Thanks for the hint about the hand supports, I really need to just get out some needles and wool and give it a try!

  2. Leslie says:

    Love these! They definitely look like the real thing!

  3. patricia rowe says:

    Welcome back. I knit, also. Love the cozy warm designs of these sweaters. I cannot imagine a stamp looking like the real deal. You did an excellent job with colors.
    Thanks for sharing. Will be looking forward to your new projects.

  4. Pat says:

    This DD knitting stamp is very realistic Heather and I love the way you’ve coloured both in hot and cooler colour palettes and just finished with a die cut sentiment on each, which is all it needs. x

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