Wish upon a star

Shaker cards are very very rare around here: I think I’ve only put one on the blog before today. I bought the nesting star dies recently on whim (I think they are discontinued but other companies make similar dies ). This card is for a little girl who turns five next week so I thought a little shimmer and shake might be fun.

I had the plan in my head with a starry sky watercolour panel for either the front of the shaker panel or the background then decided both would be best. I had pretty micro beads in six different colours so I thought it would be cool to co-ordinate the sequins, beads and inks.

Making the watercolour panels was very straightforward; I smooshed Papertrey ink cubes on the glass mat, spritzed shimmer spray (homemade water + gold pearlex powder) on the inks then swiped the panel through the ink several times until it was mostly covered. I finished the coverage using a paintbrush to add ink here and there. There was masking fluid already on the panel before I started so that added to the night sky look.

Once I started doing the ‘shaker card’ steps I remembered why I don’t make shaker cards. For me this one had an extreme fiddliness factor! I will happily spend hours no-line watercolouring an intricate flower but taping around all the points of five stars to seal the shaker area of each one was above and beyond! But then I put the micro beads, sequins and stars in each section, attached the watercoloured background, turned it over and…happy sigh, it was as cute as I’d hoped.

I won’t describe the process for making a shaker card; I think you would be better off watching a video from someone who has made more than two! I know there are many ways to build them up but my layers were: die-cut star watercolour layer, acetate layer, foam layer with star die-cuts then watercolour background layer. When I had all the layers stuck together I attached it to a square of shimmer blue cardstock and die cut the PB ‘make a wish’ sentiment from the same cardstock three times for stacking. I realise now I should have cut it from a brighter colour but the glue is stuck!

I’m happy with how it turned out and I love how it shakes (the micro beads move a lot while the sequins cling to the acetate) but I think it might be another five years before I make another one. How about you, do you whip up the occasional shaker card?


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14 Comments on “Wish upon a star”

  1. nancystiz says:

    This is such a great card for a 5 year old. Love the night sky colors on this. I did smile at your comment about shaker cards and taping all those points. I made exactly one shaker card in 12 years and I’m pretty sure it’s my last one. Your card does look beautiful so maybe it was worth the effort.

  2. marilyn418 says:

    Lovely card and the 5 year old will think it’s great! Great idea for using up microbeads…although I’m not a real fan of shaker cards either. Might have to make one just to use up those teeny beads!

  3. Pat says:

    This was a labour of love using stars for the shaker elements Heather, but have to say it looks stunning and that little girl will be thrilled with it. The blue and pinky purples together with the white splatters for stars is just the prettiest night sky and I love the different coloured micro beads, sequins and stars you have used for the shaker elements. x

  4. Jo Ann F. says:

    I totally agree about shaker cards! I only make them when they are required to complete all the challenges in a stamping event! I did see a suggestion to glue a few sequins or whatever is shaking to the background of the open area so even if everything else falls to the bottom of the window, one can still see some sparkle.

    • Heather says:

      I’ve seen that suggestion about the glued sequins too. I didn’t end up doing it on this card but the sequins seem to be staying fairly stationary while the micro beads do all the partying!

  5. Liane Desmarais-Cavanagh says:

    I’ll bet your card was a wish her heart made!
    This is inspired and inspiring.
    Thank you for sharing

  6. Clelie says:

    Beautiful background and card design!!! But…FIVE shaker windows! I chuckled to read your comments about fiddliness. I made 8 for a card exchange once and decided it was not my ‘style’. I wouldn’t say ‘I won’t make another’ (I have even bought a little stash of 3-D windows) but , as of yet, have not used them. Then again, just saw the cutest 3-D plastic insert last week…a darling mason jar! I paused and considered adding it to my ‘Stash’. ☺

  7. Connie S. says:

    Very cute card. I have made shaker cards before but not this that many windows. My grandbabies birthdays are in April. May just have to make 2. 😉

  8. […] month I made a shaker card with five star cuts outs and sparkly sequins and beads inside to shake around. As the stars were cut out of a watercoloured […]

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