Alcohol ink + foil

When I get the alcohol inks out I always have a stack of panels at the end of the session. Some sit around and never amount to much but others wait for inspiration to hit. This one was created on white craft plastic (Grafix dura-bright white) with ginger and burgandy Ranger alcohol inks and Pinata magenta. I added gold foil using the minc well after the inks had dried.

Sometimes it is possible to make the foil stick soon after finishing the inking. There is a sweet spot as far as letting the ink dry enough that it is not gooey but not so much that it is dry to touch. The sections that will hold the foil are the ‘seams’ between colours where the ink is thicker. If you press foil on these areas when they are a bit tacky you can get it to stick with just a bit of burnishing. If the panel has dried it sometimes possible to get foil to stick by running the panel through a minc or laminator using some heat. This can be risky as sometimes the foil sticks to more of the panel than you expected.

When I ran this panel through the minc I was happy with most of the foiling but there were a few sections that didn’t look great so I just used the part that looked good and covered the rest with this pretty poppy edger from Penny Black. I finished the card with a gold embossed sentiment from the PB ‘only you’ set.

This second panel amazes me because it was created with only black alcohol ink plus rubbing alcohol. The blue and burgandy tones appeared when the black ink was diluted. Cool huh? I pressed the blue foil onto this panel at just the right time to get it to stick when the seams were tacky. It is hard to get it to show in the photo but there are small sections of blue foil here and there across the sky.

The inking on both panels was pretty experimental, a drop here and there some rubbing alcohol and tilting and blowing the ink to make a random pattern. I cut the Penny Black metropolitan die from both black and blue cardstock then stacked blue on black without removing all the window cut outs. I ended up using spray adhesive on the back of the blue die cut because gluing is not my gifting.

The sentiment is from the Concord & 9 ‘all the birthdays set stamped in black and embossed in clear then stacked up on two layers of black cardstock. More alcohol inks next week; I’m having fun.


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11 Comments on “Alcohol ink + foil”

  1. Ellen Quigley says:

    Stunning, I love especially love thinking of you.

  2. Hema says:

    Beautiful cards Heather. Love the idea !

  3. Leslie says:

    These are gorgeous! Really loving the pink one!

  4. Heidi says:

    Really beautiful. Well done.

  5. susanbri says:

    Love the bits of gold foil in amongst the pinks of the first card. Beautiful with the flower die on top of it.

  6. nancystiz says:

    These are just gorgeous and I’m curious to try the black after seeing yours! You did achieve some fabulous effects with alcohol ink. And thanks for the smiles about gluing. I tend to break out in hives if I have to clue a very thin die cut.

  7. Pat says:

    Both of these cards are beautiful Heather and love the added gold foil on the first and the blue on the second and embellished with poppies and the citiscape dies, and the black AI has such a wonderful chocolate brown colour to it when diluted with the blending solution…amazing. x

  8. Cathy R says:

    These are gorgeous, love the black and it makes such a great sky! Cathy x

  9. Bonnie says:

    The colors of the first card are extra pretty with the foil and white die cut! It’s always a happy surprise when using black when different colors pop up. I know that’s the case with powders and it’s nice to know it happens with alcohol ink too! The bits of blue are lovely!

  10. Loll says:

    Both these cards are so amazing Heather. I love the foil you’ve added to both. I didn’t think about using a laminator after the ink had dried too much and my foil didn’t stick. I will definitely try this next time. Love your work with alcohol inks. So happy you are having fun playing! xx

  11. PaperKutzs says:

    Very nice backgrounds

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