Gel print backgrounds

I have had my gel plate out recently and I am addicted. It is what happens when I get it out. Gel printing can be frustrating because some of the prints are a whole lot of nothing much while others are full of pattern, texture and colour. I never know whether the next print will be the former or the latter so I keep on printing. I have a stack of prints sitting around and I decided it was time to cut a few up to make cards. I added some stamping and die-cuts.

This first card is my favourite but I must be honest with you, it isn’t a gel print. It is the scrap paper I cleaned the brayer on! I love how pretty the colours and blends are but I’m a bit miffed that my clean up page was prettier than many of my prints!

To turn it into a card I stamped and embossed the PB ‘contemporary’ stamp in white and added the hello, cut with the PB ‘thanks & hello’

Same deal with this background but embossed with gold and adorned with the PB ‘jumbo joy’ die.

I’m glad to add another card to my very small Christmas card stack. My resolution to add to it every month seems to be a bit off and on.

This background is a recent print and includes a fun thread printing technique I saw on Birgit Koopsen’s instagram. She recently completed a challenge gel printing every day in May. She generously shared all the techniques she tried.

I added flowers from the PB ‘perfumed’ set and a sentiment in white embossing powder.

I guess the title of this post was a bit inaccurate as only one of these cards features a gel print background! Watching beauty emerge when gel printing is so much fun. To glance over at my brayer clean up sheet and realise I have to save it because it looks like a pastel check table cloth is a bonus. To see the pale ghosts of stencils turn up on third or fourth prints also amazes me.

I did not participate in Birgit’s recent challenge as I was busy busy launching the new online Floral Faves class but now the gel plate is out I am challenging myself to post something gel-print related every day this week. See you tomorrow.


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8 Comments on “Gel print backgrounds”

  1. June says:

    Great article! I’m interested in gel prints so will look forward to more info this week! always love your cards.

  2. Jo Ann F. says:

    Wow your brayer sheets are gorgeous, and the PB stamp and die cut letters look amazing.

  3. nancystiz says:

    What beautiful prints! None of my papers to clean the brayer looked that good. Also happy to see that wonderful background stamp since I just got mine and love how you used it. Thanks for the reminder to pull my gelli plate again as it really is fun.

  4. Heather R says:

    These are all lovely cards! I follow another blogger who has also turned her brayer cleaning paper into great card fronts. No wonder crafters have trouble with hoarding – you never know when a cast-off for one project will be valuable for another, lol.

  5. Clelie says:

    These are WONDERFUL!…and an encouragement to pull out “my stash” and start playing! ☺

  6. Karen Jackson says:

    It is always a bonus when the clean up sheets give such wonderful results.Each year I challenge myself to make 10 Christmas cards per month. In the past it has worked well but this year not so well. I can foresee a busy October. I love the sentiment on the pretty thread printed gel print. Looking forward to tomorrow.

  7. your backgrounds are so cool, I do love how the paper you cleaned your brayer on turned out so cool too!

  8. […] and scratch paper for cards and journal pages. This cityscape is made from gel printing masks and two of these cards are from a clean up sheet. Today I glued a large ‘clean up’ sheet into my art journal […]

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