From the ocean or the shore?

Today’s gel prints are inspired by aerial views of parts of the West Australian coast. I haven’t been there but the views I’ve seen on youtube show these colours. These panels are roughly slimline card size but they are not made into cards yet because I’m not sure if I want to send them or display them. I think a very slim black strip with a sentiment could look good but I can’t commit to it yet. I’ve already started worked on a larger similar print so I might be able to part with these ones.

I also have a bit of exciting/terrifying news about Craft Roulette; if you want to hear more about that make sure you read to the end of this post.

I also wonder which way you think they should be oriented. The view above appears to be looking from the ocean back to the beach. The view below is from land out to the ocean. What’s your preference? There is no right or wrong of course.

I created these on a large gel plate in a few layers, not too many as I didn’t want to muddy the sandy end. I started with blue acrylic paint in two tones covering half the plate then mustard covering the other. The next print once again had blue but I put some texture marks in it with a homemade ‘wide comb’ edge and added a rusty colour at the other end.

The final prints were to add the white foam and extra blue so I sponged the blue and white acrylic paint onto the gel plate in roughly the middle, took another print and then repeated the sponging. I used a mixture of acrylic paints, some liquitex basics, some decoarts Americana, but in the midst of a gel printing session I don’t always take note of what colours I use and by the end of the session all the colours are out on the table! The cardstock is a lightweight white card, about 60lb weight, not the usual 110lb I use for card bases.

In other news, on Friday evening I will be a guest on Craft Roulette, a live improv crafting game show on youtube hosted by Mary Gunn. I have never created live before and it is improv so I don’t even know what I will be making until they spin the wheel. Pop over to the Craft Roulette youtube channel; you can find out what it is all about, check out old episodes and get ready to watch on Friday night. It is 6:30 MT so that’s 7:30 EST and beyond that you will have to do the math!


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11 Comments on “From the ocean or the shore?”

  1. FabUlous! I love to be submerged in water so my choice would be from the water to land. I have not watched Craft Roulette before but I just may have to!💙

  2. Lynn says:

    Love the colours!!!!

  3. Jo Ann F. says:

    I’m enjoying your gel plate series! I saw the sunset in the view you call from the water to land. I love the wave foam that you got by sponging.

  4. Beautiful panels! I think my preference would be with the shoreline at the bottom. I think because it’s easier for my brain to be on land looking out to sea than on the ocean looking in to the shore. The other thing is that I like the darker colors at the bottom rather than the top.

  5. Karen Jackson says:

    I really love these panels. They reflect the shoreline perfectly. How clever to make the surf by sponging. My preference would be the view from the ocean to the shore, i.e with the blue at the bottom. if it was me I couldn’t bear to trim them, I’d mount and display them. How wonderful, on a bleak January day, to see the warmth of an Australian beach.
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s post. Good luck for Friday and Craft Roulette. You’ll be great!

  6. Clelie says:

    During this time of Covid, we have been watching sailing youtubers; most are sailing Australia and New Zealand. I love your panels! But, I like the red and gold at the top and the breakers hitting the reef. It reminds me of the gorgeous sunsets these sailing families enjoy and the fun we have had experiencing it ‘along with them’. I just subscribed to Craft Roulette (never heard of it before). This will be fun to see!☺

  7. Geri S says:

    Wow, Heather, these are beautiful! I would also have a hard time deciding on what to make with them or which orientation. Maybe slightly more toward from land at bottom looking into the sea but I can also imagine being at sea looking in. Just wow – I absolutely love them and must give it a try myself. TFS!

  8. nancystiz says:

    These are fantastic. You even created the surf. I can’t wait to see how you finish them up. Thanks for describing the process. I like the beach on the bottom maybe just from habit. Either way I’m sure you will use them in a creative way. I’ll look forward to your You Tube appearance too.

  9. Connie S. says:

    Love the cards! See a class in the making. Also know what I am doing Friday evening😜

  10. Pat says:

    These panels are brilliant Heather and I love the strong colours and the wonderful effect of the white edged crashing waves and the slimline shape looks great too. x

  11. Loll says:

    Amazing panels Heather. I like them both ways and can not pick a fav. No matter what you do with these, it will be amazing! Congrats on being on Craft Roulette. I have not heard of that before. I hope to watch on the 25th! xx

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