Oxide Leaves Video

There is no denying it anymore, autumn is in the air and on the trees and definitely in the cards. This week the weather has been lovely, the sun has shone and the frost warnings have gone. Can’t complain.

I really am a seasonal stamper; I’m inspired by what is going on outside in the world. With a few exceptions, like Christmas card prep, I like to stamp what I see in the garden and surrounds. The leaves on my trees are beginning to turn, nothing spectacular yet and nothing to rake (yay) but the signs are there. I chose oxide inks to blend several three coloured panels which I then cut up into leaves. The process and chit chat is all in the video below.

After the video was completed I looked at the wreath and decided it needed some brighter pops of colour and luckily I had some enamel dots which matched exactly. I added them before taking the photos below.

I really enjoy arranging all the elements on die cut cards like the two I’ve shared today but the gluing drives me a little crazy. Sometimes I use double sided adhesive but if the die cuts are not going to be sitting flat that doesn’t really work. If you have any suggestions for attaching fiddly little die cuts please leave them in the comments; I’d love to know. You might notice I try not to include much gluing in the video because it doesn’t make for very entertaining viewing.

I hope you are surrounded by some fall beauty where you are or perhaps enjoying some spring sunshine in the southern hemisphere.



5 Comments on “Oxide Leaves Video”

  1. Pretty cards! I love the fall colors!
    For cards with a lot of die cut pieces, two suggestions I’ve read are to use Press ‘n Seal or to take a picture of the way things are laid out the way you like before you adhere them in place. I like the Press ‘n Seal idea and just bought some to try, but I haven’t used it yet.

  2. Pat says:

    Thank you for the video Heather, great to see your process, and you ended up with two great cards and those leaves are brilliant, and I like that this reflects the current colours you have outside. I love the bits of twine you added too, beautifully organic. I also much prefer to make cards with current seasonal foliage and flowers. Once we get to late May and into June I don’t feel right doing cards with spring bulbs on, I then have to start using poppies and lilies etc. I use a lot of double sided tape for larger things and when I need dimension I tend to use glue gel, but it can be a bit messy. I am also looking for a good wet glue that doesn’t leave shiny marks on the card if you happen to slip a bit. I was thinking of trying the Gina K Connect glue which comes in a pen shape and has a pointed applicator for smaller work which many people really love. x

  3. Lisa says:

    Hi Heather, I love your leaf cards-so pretty. I also tend to do cards that reflect the seasons. It feels odd to do cards with seashells in the fall. The exception is cards I make for Christmas.
    I have had good results using Gina K Connect glue. It flows really easy, the pen does not get clogged and it does not leave any residue. It works well for all those tiny pieces.

    • Heather says:

      Thank you, Lisa, seasonal stamping makes sense to me, the inspiration is right outside. I do get stamps in advance from Penny Black which means I am sometimes stamping snow scenes in the middle of summer and florals in the middle of winter! I will try Gina K’s connect glue, two of you recommended it.

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