Apricot watercoloured flowers

I have another hand painted watercolour today paired with a sweet little stamp from the new Penny Black set ‘trust me builder’. I used my Sennelier half pan watercolours on Fabraino cold pressed watercolour paper. I am still learning how to arrange elements in my paintings but I know for a random pattern (is that an oxymoron?) it is best to do the largest elements first, then the next biggest and so on, in this panel ending with the small splatters and dots.

Unless you are after a symmetrical design odd numbers of elements are usually more pleasing to the eye so I have three large flowers then three medium sized flowers but I slipped up on the berry clusters, there are four not five and I can see where I should have painted another!

I painted this design on a larger panel and then cropped it to make it look more balanced. I used a rectangle die to choose the part of the panel I wanted but you can do the same with two pieces of ‘L’ shaped cardstock held on opposite sides of a panel and moved to ‘frame’ the design. I popped up my painted panel on foam and my stamped sentiment on one extra piece of cardstock.


11 Comments on “Apricot watercoloured flowers”

  1. Trish G says:

    Beautiful as always. What flower set CID you use?.

  2. Trish G says:

    Beautiful as always. What flower set did you use?

  3. Pat says:

    So pretty Heather and love the colours you have used and the different shapes of the foliage and berry type images you have added to fill the gaps between the larger flowers. Gorgeous! x

  4. Tara says:

    So beautiful! Love it!

  5. Karen Jackson says:

    Hi Heather, as usual you are too critical of your beautiful painting.The extra berry sprig wouldn’t have been seen beneath your sentiment anyway. It is perfect as it is.

  6. judi44 says:

    BEAUTIFUL! Heather, your work is FANTASTIC. I have been a fan for a while now…and you still have a way to amaze me. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Tami says:

    Oh my gosh Heather amazing work! Your flowers are gorgeous!

  8. Lagene says:


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