Quote & floral journal page

I completed another page in my art journal a few days ago; not the one that inspired a recent card, that one is still to come. This one I started, stopped and restarted again.

You can see there are some shadowy flowers in the background. They are the first flowers I stamped and painted straight on the journal page. The journal isn’t watercolour paper so diluting and painting with ink didn’t work well. I tried to fix it by drawing black outlines and then white gel pen highlights but that didn’t look good either. I like to think of the art journal as a place I can try techniques but sometimes those experiments don’t end up looking pretty.

When I’ve wanted to paint on other pages I have prepped the pages with absorbent ground first; it makes the surface more conducive to ink and water blending. Adding one layer of absorbent ground covered the surface but not the images underneath. When it dried though, I liked the misty images in the background and decided not to do another layer. Instead I proceeded to stamp again with the same inks (listed below) and this time blending the inks with water was more successful. To stamp on the uneven book pages I used acrylic blocks and the Wendy Vecchi ‘perfect stamp positioner’.

Once I finished stamping and painting the PB floral stamps ‘unfolding’ and ‘dainty whispers’ I stamped the delicate ‘a little secret’ stamp repeatedly in old paper distress ink to fill in some grass. I blended broken china ink directly onto the pages to fill the sky area and splattered water over it to break up the flat blue expanse.

Finally I chose the quote from a favourite author, C.S. Lewis and used the C&9 ‘simple serif’ alphabet stamps and some tiny stamps I bought long ago at Hanji gifts in Toronto. I’ve since found out C.S. Lewis did not say this; I guess I should have done a fact check before stamping it all in my journal.

I do like the effect of coloured images under a layer of white. I might do it on purpose next time!


8 Comments on “Quote & floral journal page”

  1. Bonnie says:

    The misty background is so perfect for showcasing these beautiful flowers, Heather! Love the sentiment, whoever said it!

  2. June DeHart mi says:

    I like your art journal. That sounds like a good idea. I’m going to try your idea of amending the page to accept watercolor. I’m a fan of C. S. Lewis even if the quote isn’t his.
    Thanks for all your posts. I really enjoy them.

  3. Liz Chartrand says:

    Beautiful! Love the colours!

  4. Pat says:

    The soft faded images in the background are the perfect foil to the prettily stamped and coloured flowers over the top, and if not what you originally intended Heather you may call it a ‘happy accident’ …lol, I love the words you have used too with the large and small font. A beautiful journal page. x

  5. Karen Jackson says:

    What a wonderful journal page, so pretty and colourful. Love the flowers.

  6. Godelieve says:

    How gorgeous! Fixing a mistake the way you did shows how creative and talented you are. We already knew that of course 🙂

  7. Lagene says:

    The soft misty flowers in the background are perfect! Makes me think of Bob Ross saying “It’s the imperfections that make something beautiful, that’s what makes it different and unique”. Which this certainly is!~

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