Shimmer ride

What better subject for shimmer on black than a shiny little scooter. ‘The Ride’ is a PB rubber stamp. Once again I had trouble catching the real shine on camera but there is shimmer and shine in real life when the light catches it. I embossed with alabaster embossing powder from Brutus Monroe and made sure I kept the heat tool moving while I embossed so as to not buckle the craft plastic.

I used the new black craft plastic from Grafix to show off the little scooter and painted with pearlescent paints from the Finetec Artist Mica Watercolor Pearlescent paint set.

Painting on the craft plastic is very smooth and particularly straightforward with an embossed image. I also did some detail on the tires and black sections with a grey pencil but it was hard to capture that in my photo.

I wanted to highlight the little orange flowers so cut a mat and a sentiment strip from orange cardstock. The words are from the MFT ‘All About You’ set.


4 Comments on “Shimmer ride”

  1. Map195 says:

    nice share

  2. Bonnie says:

    Love this shiny, blue scooter with the basket of flowers! The black background accentuates the shine! Well done, Heather!

  3. rosebudinnh says:

    Wow Love this one!!!

  4. Lagene says:

    Such a pretty Vespa! I had a motorcycle when I was a teenager and loved it! I love this on black and this is the first time I’ve heard of the black plastic paper from Grafix

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