Stay Cosy

Today is the perfect day for a ‘stay cosy’ message. Overnight the snow started falling and the world is white once more. I guess that lovely long autumn wasn’t going to last forever!

This card came together quite easily as I had some of the elements left over from other projects. The background is made from a digital stamp designed by my daughter (Echidna Studios on Etsy). I printed the snowflakes on kraft paper with my laser printer then foiled with white white foil. I love how delicate and pretty they are.

The sleds, skis and cosy winter clothes were left over from previous years and I had stored them with the dies just in case. They are all cut from painted watercolour paper. I hand cut the snow drifts from linen textured paper and added the sentiment from the PB ‘jolly snippets’ set.

Hope you stay cosy today!

(Compensated affiliate links from Foiled Fox, Scrap n Stamp and Ecstasy Crafts)

4 Comments on “Stay Cosy”

  1. Tish Rowe says:

    This looks like a real photo.
    Guess we are getting ready for snow!
    Beautiful card .

  2. nancystiz says:

    How fun is this! I love that there appears to even be some texture on the hats. Thanks for the tip on white foil. I had no idea a thing like that exists. I also like that you used your water colored papers for the die cuts.

  3. nise says:

    Darling! Your sleds and clothes look like felt to me. Good reminder that we don’t need anything fancy to cut snowbanks from paper. The white snowflakes are exquisite. Stay warm!

  4. Pat says:

    I love the die cut pieces you have used Heather, and great to save them as they work brilliantly added over the kraft background with the pretty white snowflakes and the snow slopes you cut look great too. x

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