Winter Tree art journal page

I continue to create and experiment in my 6×6 art journal, definitely inspired by the current season and view. When I started this page I had a technique in mind but no picture in my head of how it might turn out. I couldn’t be happier with the end result!

I am trying a range of techniques and methods in my art journals because that is what they’re for and because I have a series of workshops coming up this year (temporarily postponed until restrictions change). On this spread I started by layering and gluing torn papers on the pages. I pulled blue pieces from my considerable stash of papers, some old (Penny Black 6×6 packs) and some new (decorative rice paper) along with Dina Wakley printed white collage paper. After gluing the strips here and there I added modeling past through a stencil and let that dry.

Over the papers and paste I painted white gesso and then a couple of blues from Dina Wakley’s acrylic selection. You can see some of the patterns show through from the papers and in real life you can also see the texture from the stencilled paste. I added stamping in blue and white with Darkroom Door background stamps, ‘snow flakes’ and ‘French Script’.

I had started the page with a vague idea of adding a picture from a Christmas card or magazine. In choosing the tree picture you see included I fell down a rabbit hole of memories going through boxes of saved cards! I have saved cards since childhood and I was sorting and reading for quite a while. I didn’t open every single card but I found some adorable and hilarious cards made by my children and some I taught in school, I also found many sweet notes in cards from my parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents. The picture I chose of the single tree on a snowy hill was in a Christmas card from a sweet friend.

It is worth noting at this point that I didn’t plan this layout or have this card on hand when I started the painting so the colours did not match perfectly. You know how I feel about the matchy-matchy so I ended up adding paint to the sky around the tree to make the blue a bit more purply and less aqua. I also extended the scene by turning a white area that was already on the page into a clearly defined snowy hill. I used a white gel pen to add more foliage to carry the scene off the little square onto my page. I finished off the page with some die cut Penny Black snowflakes.

I know that is a lot of description that would be better understood with video footage but it didn’t happen this time. As I continue to make pages I will try to capture some of them on film.

Do you save the cards you are given? Do you put them to use making something new? Just wondering…


12 Comments on “Winter Tree art journal page”

  1. Chantal Quijada says:

    Wow Heather! This is absolutely stunning!!!

  2. That is just stunning!

  3. Connie S. says:

    WOW!! I love it!! Hope we can learn this in class!

  4. creatingincolors says:

    This is a gorgeous layout! Yes, I do save cards, and love going through them. Sometimes I do re-purpose them, but not many.

  5. nancystiz says:

    LOVE this! Thanks for describing you wonderful process! Beautiful mixed media work in winter blue! What a creative imagination you had and it’s always a joy to see your work!

  6. Liz Chartrand says:

    Beautiful as always Heather!

  7. Lorraine Melin says:

    This is beautiful. I do save my cards and will make gift tags and use some to decorate my December Daily mini album.

  8. Laura Kate says:

    very clever and creative.

  9. Patricia Rowe says:

    When I saw this, I thought I cant wait to see how you painted it.
    Then when you described that you used torn papers as collage.
    It did not look like paper.
    I, too, save all my home made cards.
    I admire how creative people are and appreciate the time it took to make the card.

  10. Bonnie says:

    A beautiful journaling of Winter, Heather! Wow! An amazing journey to do this entry!

  11. Pat says:

    What a great idea to include a pretty tree card front as part of this page Heather and your painting on to it to harmonize the colours works brilliantly. The snowflakes and script stamping, and the added texture paste and also the wonderful white die cut snowflakes which stand out beautifully. I do save some of my cards to upcycle but sometimes they get put away and I forget to use x

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