Nestled in Winter

Although I see the beautiful contrast of foliage and snow outside I am not seeing many birds on the feeder right now. Instead I have placed a very cute robin in amongst the wintery Christmas foliage of an art journal page.

This isn’t just any art journal page; this spread is in a new journal I have been using for the last few months as I schemed and dreamed up a new in-person class for 2022. It isn’t just a class it’s an Art Journal Adventure.

To create this double page spread in the Dina Wakley 6″x6″ mixed media journal I used acrylic paints, distress spray and some ‘easy to find around the home’ texture tools. All the die cuts are from Penny Black and are listed below.

To keep things within an acceptable level of fiddliness I die cut all the foliage from coloured cardstock and painted only the the little bird.

I know this is an in-person (in Ottawa) class which excludes quite a few of you but if you are interested in seeing something like this in an online version please let me know in the comments.

If you have hints for attracting birds in winter please let me know. I imagine it has a bit to do with being consistent in keeping the feeder stocked before winter and maybe something to do with keeping the chipmunks and squirrels off it too!



14 Comments on “Nestled in Winter”

  1. Jules says:

    This is an wonderful illustration and the post is really lovely. The only birds I could attract during the winter are some cute pigeons. The other just come and go as they please, but it makes me so happy to see them in the morning.

  2. Kathleen says:

    Beautiful card, Heather. Re birds, I find providing plenty of clean water options for bathing and drinking, plus some feathers in a bird feeder during nesting season are both very popular with my garden birds.

  3. nancystiz says:

    This is gorgeous and love the layout of the branches! I also have a hard time coloring die cuts but you colored that bird beautifully! I’m particularly fascinated by that background. What a fabulous vintage looking background that is!

  4. Cari Locke says:

    Think this one – we both liked
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  5. Pat says:

    What a beautiful double spread with that sweet and beautifully coloured robin Heather and lots of wonderful background techniques and added die cuts. We have not had any birds over the last few weeks. We put out fat balls and there was some activity in October but not much since. The crows made us laugh as they devised a means of getting the container off the nail on the fence and to the ground so they could get at the fat balls, and they came a couple of days and did this trick, my hubby actually watched them do it, but they haven’t been around since. x

  6. Clelie says:

    Oh Joy…I bought this wonderful bird and branch die set when it was released and have been ‘waiting’ for your Magic! to be applied (I was convinced you would have this in your scope at some point☺). I loved it and have not had time to play with it…Super inspired now to find that day! A Joyful Hug to YOU!♥

  7. Clelie says:

    Hi again …a little more time to comment☺…My husband has quite a sweet relationship with the Anna’s hummingbirds prevalent in our area. They seem to ‘know’ him and if their dish is empty, they will come and flutter at our kitchen or dining room windows. Many don’t migrate, so we feed them through the winter months. If they see him at the window, they will sometimes come and ‘say hello’ to him. We have concluded they are quite intelligent as well as lovely. Three weeks ago, we had a huge commotion in our backyard magnolia tree and upon investigation, discovered a very large Barred Owl sitting in the middle of the tree. The crows were trying to get to him and raising a ruckus. As soon as the crows left, the blue birds came right into the tree, swooping over him. That seemed to rattle him abit. While all this was happening, there were a couple of curious hummers that zipped past him after a small pause to check out the ‘big bird’. ☺ I can see why people would become ‘birders’…in our retirement we have come to enjoy and be amazed at their presence and interactions. ~ On another note, your journal pages are wonderful. The techniques so fun. I love your compositions!♥♥♥

  8. Bonnie says:

    Such pretty journal pages and I would definitely be interested in an online version of this class, Heather. In NC we have birds year round and keep seed and suet cakes out for them. I remember my folks putting suet out for the birds in the VT winters.

  9. Loll says:

    WOW! LOVE the winter wonderland pages of your journal, Heather. LOVE it with the beautiful array of die-cut winter greens and the sweet bird. Great work! xx

  10. Lagene says:

    Beautiful spread!

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  12. Most effective and attractive techniques used

  13. Linda N. says:

    What a beautiful layout! I have been considering starting an art journal, and would love an online version of your class!

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