I’m excited to show you some new summery plant goodness from Penny Black and it’s happening here and on the Foiled Fox blog! I used the new cling stamp ‘illustrious‘, a stamp from the clear set ‘soulful silhouettes‘ and a sentiment from the ‘just like you‘ mini set.

The new release is called ‘Refreshing’ so I have teamed up with Shauna from the Foiled Fox to provide a little refreshment through a giveaway!

All you need to do to enter is comment on this post telling me what you like to do for refreshment these days.

I used distress inks and cold pressed watercolour for this card. I definitely seem to be drawn to blues and greens right now; they’re a little cooler than my oft used pinks and orange combo. You can read more about my process on the Foiled Fox blog but let me say the MISTI was very helpful in creating this leafy panel. I worked on the large leaves first, inking them in mowed lawn then painting them with bundled sage. I moved onto the fern shaped plant which I inked with mowed lawn and faded jeans then did the tiny flowers last in candied apple and hickory smoke.

The illustrious stamp is stamped once on the left then partially stamped on the right and to fill the top edges I just inked and stamped the tip of the fern a few times. I used one stamp from the soulful silhouettes set as filler in bundled sage ink.

I would love to hear some of your most refreshing ideas or past times. Do you have a recipe, a book recommendation, a past time or favourite get away? We are still staying close to home here in Ottawa but I am enjoying my hammock in the backyard, oodles of audio books and the occasional iced coffee or tea.


27 Comments on “Refreshing”

  1. missgailly says:

    Beautiful card, Heather! I like to sip margaritas on my deck. You can get the Lone Star’s famous margarita kit for take out!

  2. Jo Ann F. says:

    Being at the beach and watching and listening to the waves is my favorite refreshment, but sadly that is not an option at these times. But sitting on my screened porch watching the leaves blow and hearing the birds (a wren family with babies!) is my go-to refreshment right now. Stay safe and healthy!

  3. Leslie says:

    Your card is gorgeous, as always! We’re still staying pretty close to home as well. We have nine feline fur babies, two Ameraucana chickens (that are not quite old enough yet to lay eggs but when they do, they’ll be blue!), and our garden (watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, beets, radishes, bell peppers, cabbage and jalapenos) to tend to! Keeps us busy! Thanks so much for the chance to enter your giveaway! Have a great week!

    • Heather says:

      Your garden sounds wonderful. Besides my herb tubs I have tomatoes, cantaloupe and brussel sprouts. I also have bell peppers but I don’t think they are going to make it!

  4. PaperKutzs says:

    This is a great card.

  5. mendezanne says:

    Beautiful card. Love the colors. Sitting out back, under the patio in the mornings with coffee and the birds chirping in the background- that is it for me.

  6. Bonnie says:

    These watery colors are so refreshing and speak to me of a cool walk in a shady woods! Beautiful, Heather!

  7. Lagene says:

    Wow this is Gorgeous and refreshing!

  8. ednamburgess says:

    Very pretty. Like your choice of stamps and colors.

  9. Joan says:

    I love you card entitled “Refreshing”. It’s lovely with true colors of nature. Blues and greens are my favorites as well. I live in Ohio. It’s beautiful and warm here this week.i enjoy reading for my Refreshing time. Currently a John Grisham entitled Camino Island. A great book. I like stamping and using watercolor or colored pencils on my projects. Love the new Slim line cards.
    Fun and beautiful to make. Have a great week. God bless.

    • Heather says:

      I haven’t read John Grisham in a while, that’s a good recommendation. I’m currently listening to a Louise Penny novel, The Nature of the Beast.

  10. Martha Gunckel says:

    Wonderful card and colors today Heather! Love your sharing your techniques and talent. You have a true gift. I am a Southern gal transplanted to Minnesota some 50 years ago, who likes her real lemonade with real sugar. Can’t stand artificial flavors, sweeteners or pre prepared foods. But to give my fresh lemonade a bit of variety, I often add pomegranate juice to it. You could use other flavors too. I also have been known to add a bit of strawberry wine cooler. Have a blessed day and Thanks for a chance to win.

    • Heather says:

      I agree, homemade lemonade is wonderful, but I have to admit I love just about any lemonade. The addition of pomegranate juice sounds yummy.

  11. Karen Mauritz says:

    Beautiful card as always. I have been staying home but have found I now seem to have time to try new card making techniques. For example I bought a Gelli plate and am trying my hand at that for backgrounds.

  12. Pat says:

    Beautiful foliage Heather and love the way you have made it fill the card, and a great sentiment too. x

    • Pat says:

      Sorry Heather, I think I must have been interrruped and didn’t say what else I do besides cardmaking. My other passion is singing and in more normal times I would be in the middle of a series of concerts with a group I belong to, but sadly had to be cancelled this year. I also do read but must admit that I haven’t been doing a lot lately but am listening to an audio book called Just One Look by Harlen Coben, a crime thriller I suppose you would call it. It is not for the faint hearted though. I do love historical novels too and am in the middle of reading a Ken Follet called A Column of Fire which is very long, for me anyway, and will be my bedside reading for quite a while I think. x

  13. Renee Walker says:

    I walk early am. Then return home and enjoy an
    Iced coffee on my deck. Then after that check on
    Our bird baths and flower beds.

  14. debsmart says:

    Such a pretty card! I love the colours, and watercolour look. I enjoy spending time filling the feeders in the back, and then watching the birds & squirrels come to feed! That always leaves me feeling happy & refreshed 🙂

  15. DIANA Barnes says:

    For refreshment I love to watch my birds at the feeders and play in the garden. I love reading your posts and trying some of techniques that you share!

  16. Jane says:

    Watching water flow, feeling a breeze on my arms, sitting in my favorite lawn chair that I’ve taken to a park or riverbank are all refreshing for me. Your card is beautiful, as alway.

  17. Lois Hand says:

    Nothing quite as refreshing as a glass of cold freshly made lemonade over ice or a glass of iced mocha coffee. Love gentle breezes, too.

  18. Mary Ann Truscott says:

    I, too, love the colors on this card – lovely! We are fortunate to have a vacation home on a lake in Maine. So much to love here, but listening to the loons call at night is one of the best things – so restoring to the soul!

  19. Sally says:

    I like this stamp. It reminds me of the stamp Jennifer McGuire demonstrated on her blog called “You make a difference” . It gives off the same vibe. I find it refreshing to sit on my back porch and reassigned a mystery or romance. You might not consider this refreshing but I enjoy line dancing center class. It can be invigorating. Last but not breakfast, I enjoy and thank you for your instructions.

  20. Gorgeous card! I love the colors and the delicate designs!
    As far as refreshing, I have been getting in a walk each day. I’m not going far, just down to my mailbox each afternoon. I’m in a rural location and my road has many pretty sights along the way, including some chickens, goats and two Clydesdale horses! I enjoy stopping to talk with the neighbor’s horses along my route.

  21. Carol J. says:

    Your card is beautiful Heather. Thank you for sharing.
    We juice some lemons and ginger for lemonade and sit outside with our fur babies to watch the birds. A little hot here in Niagara.

  22. Kathy Mc says:

    So beautiful and fresh, Heather! Love the free-flowing greenery in a lovely mix of colors. That sentiment is awesome, too!

  23. […] want to thank everyone who participated in the ‘Refreshing’ giveaway I hosted with the Foiled Fox. I enjoyed reading your preferred ways to find refreshment and noticed […]

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