The Good Life

I am happy to have a stamped and painted scene to share today. I often create scenic cards and panels in winter but I used liquid frisket on this panel to create a summer vista seen through a frame of birches. I teamed up with Grafix , used their liquid frisket kit and filmed the process.

With a technique like this it would be easy to make a card for any season. The birches could frame a snow scene, autumn foliage or even some mountains in the distance.

Painting the sky was fun, you can see in the video I painted the whole sky area in blue then added all the clouds by dabbing colour away with a kleenex tissue.

You can see in the video I stamped the house and trees with archival ink first then built up colour, depth and shadow with distress inks for the watercolour look. Because the Dr Ph Martin inks used on the sky are permanent once dry I was able to stamp and blend over the house and trees without affecting the sky at all and of course over the masked trees too.



11 Comments on “The Good Life”

  1. Patricia Rowe says:

    Oh, Heather, what can get more exciting on a lazy summer day than to see this incredible video and card.
    Your ideas are always stunning.
    The idea of using the birch trees to frame the scene is clever.

    Thank you so much..makes life easier for us when we have an excellent teacher.


  2. Anne says:

    Thank you for a superb video tutorial, such a beautiful card! I always love seeing your work but am dreadful at leaving a comment on your blog…sorry! I will try and do better!

  3. jillianfoster82 says:

    A great video and a great scene! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Pat says:

    This is a wonderful scene and thank you for the video tutorial . I must say this frisket looks good and I must remember the tip about using some washing up liquid on the brushes before dipping to help clean it off. I have got one very old brush which I have used with another brand of this but it was totally impossible to get it perfectly clean afterwards so will try the liquid. x

  5. Donna Shelton says:

    Thank you so much for the video! I’ve never used this product and it was very helpful to watch all the steps in your creation. Do you have more videos of you making cards?

  6. Lagene says:

    Wow this is gorgeous, I love your clouds and so enjoyed seeing how you created them!

  7. […] teamed up with Grafix to create some videos this year. My first project was very definitely a summer scene, but this one, as you can see is not! We have had a few […]

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