Shimmer floral

The fun continues around here with pearlescent paints and black watercolour paper. I just wish the photos would show better how pretty the shimmery paints are.  The Foiled Fox sent me some yummy new paints from Coliro, I used the ‘ocean’ and the ‘vintage’ sets for this card. I also tried out the ‘penny’ embossing powder from Brutus Monroe. It is a copper colour which worked nicely with the paints I chose. I embossed part of the Penny Black ‘floral medley’ stamp in one corner of my black watercolour paper panel then flipped the panel and moved the stamp around a little before stamping more flowers on the other corner. I paired up a couple of stamps from the PB ‘strength’ sentiment set to emboss a sentiment in between the florals.

Coliro (or Finetec) paints are full of shimmer and look amazing on dark paper but can also be used on light or white paper for more subtle effects. I have painted them on neenah black cardstock before, the colours looked great but I like the way watercolour paper gives me more flexibility with blending from dark to light. When attempting light and dark areas on black paper I have to think about the direction of my blending. On white watercolour paper I paint strong colour then blend it with water to decrease the intensity and so end up with a lighter area. On dark paper I paint an area in bright pearlescent paint and then dilute it with water to get a darker or shadow area. Shading isn’t really necessary of course, the colours look great painted as solid sections without shading.

To finish off the card I die-cut a frame from copper coloured shimmer paper. I have two frame dies from the PB ‘square frames’ set still linked together so I get a plain frame when I run the two decorative dies through the machine together.

I am teaching a ‘Watercolour on Black’ workshop in Ottawa at the end of March where we will be playing with these lovely shimmer paints and creating stamped and painted panels that really shine. Click over to my upcoming classes page for more details.


8 Comments on “Shimmer floral”

  1. Isn’t this card beautiful – Heather is a very talented teacher here in Ottawa – I’ve taken a few of her classes. A lot of her cards I don’t care for – too wishy washy for me but this one is beautiful. Another new product on the market – the paints she used. I’ve never seen black watercolour paper.

  2. Lagene says:

    Awesome, shimmery creation, I have yet to fine black watercolor paper in my area!

  3. ND says:

    Wow! This one hit me immediately I opened it.
    Not because of technique, of which I know precious little; nor even by the flowers which I think are beautifully arranged and portrayed;
    It was the golden words of the sentiment “wishing you comfort” set against the dark backdrop of whatever it is that might prompt me to send this card to a friend.
    It speaks golden words of love and support at a dark time.
    I immediately forwarded it to Sara and Stephen.
    Thank you, Hearher

  4. Pat says:

    This is a gorgeous look Heather with the dark watercolour paper and the shimmer and shine of the pearlescent paint. Who could resist the rich coloured look. x

  5. Janice Pignanelli says:

    Oh my goodness, the painting and overall card is gorgeous! Love the colors!

  6. […] February as I was preparing to teach a class using pearlescent paints on black watercolour paper I created this embossed and painted card. The class didn’t happen but the plan is still in my […]

  7. dehonsandygmailcom says:

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I sure wish you would teach this class on line!!!!

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