My Favourites from 2015

Thank you for your response to the viewer’s top ten from 2015 and thank you for the encouragement to keep sharing here. I love reading your comments and visiting your blogs and I am hoping to respond to your comments more in the coming year because I enjoy the conversations that develop from time to time. Sometimes they are about techniques and products but often they are about memories, traditions and experiences. It is great getting to know you better.

I whittled my favourites down to 10 but there were a few more I wanted to include. The pink one I shared yesterday was a favourite but it already made one list! The cards included below are in the order I originally posted them and a click on the photo will take you to the original post.

Sun fire Heather Telford

This one is a favourite for what is happening in the background as well as the foreground.

Bird on a branch Heather Telford

I used a die cut mask for this one and managed to make the leaves look like eucalyptus which of course reminded me of Australia.

Delicate blooms Heather Telford

I worked on this one in portrait orientation then once I was finished realised it looked better landscape.

Queen Anne's Lace 3 Heather Telford

I love Queen Anne’s Lace so it is not surprising to find some in my top 10.

Roses Heather Telford

This is just one of those watercolours that worked above and beyond my hopes and I will never manage to do the same again! My mother has grown roses this colour so that made it extra special.

tannenbaum trio Heather Telford

A simple design and some bister made me happy. (and of course you can never have too many tree stamps!)

Brusho Garden Heather Telford

After I had created quite a few bister cards I borrowed some brusho and the love affair with watercolour powders continued. “Finding” a garden in a random pattern of brusho was so very satisfying.

Painted wreath Heather Telford

One of my goals this year was to paint more from scratch. I felt like I had not done much but when I looked through this year’s posts I saw some that were entirely my own design, like the one above, as well as some where I combined some stamping with some hand painting as in the one below.

Narnia Heather Telford

My recent series ‘Stamping the stories’ struck a chord with many of you and I enjoyed the conversations it generated about favourite stories.

City Christmas Heather Telford

I only just posted this one but it is definitely a favourite. I will be doing more with this vintage colour scheme and hand lettering in 2016 so stay tuned.

Thanks for indulging me as I shared some of my favourites. They certainly represent some of the techniques and products I have enjoyed this year as well as some of the subjects I love to include in my projects.

17 Comments on “My Favourites from 2015”

  1. Janine B says:

    I loved the people’s choice and I love these too – one creative lady!

  2. Clelie says:

    An absolutely exquisite “Gallery”!…bringing inspiration and joy to my heart…have you ever thought of publishing a “coffee table book”? Your cards are incredible pieces of ART!

  3. Ingrid says:

    I so many of these and the others you showed. Here’s a little list of some others I absolutely LOVE…. All is calm under a brusho sky, Reach for the stars, Cool Tone Leaves, Watercolor Leaves the distressing way (Just LOVE those leaves), Autumnal Grove – I own this stamp now because of this card…lol, Snow Berries – this one too, Bister Poinsellia – started my fascination with powders – I now have colorbursts, and finally – Church on a Hill – LOVE that painting of yours. There are so many more – you really had a great collection this year. It’s been fun getting to know you! Have a very Happy New Year Heather! Thanks for all your amazing work that you share. 🙂

    • Heather says:

      Hi Ingrid, thanks for taking the time to send me such a nice message. Cool tone leaves made the short list-it is definitely one of my favourites and so is Bister Poinsettia and the church painting; I was so proud of that church!
      I am excited to see your creations with your new PB stamps. (I got the new release yesterday so now there is a whole new bunch to fall in love with!)

  4. ednamburgess says:

    Like them all, but the last 2 are my favorites. Keep those card ideas coming. Edna

  5. carol / creatingincolors says:

    I enjoy your art so much! Thank you again for sharing.

  6. fmroby says:

    Just gorgeous, Heather! Thanks so much for sharing your talent with all of us! I have learned so much from all your tutorials and videos!! Keep it up…..please!
    beesmom at splitcoaststampers

  7. marilyn418 says:

    I love this idea of sharing your favorite cards….nice insight as to what you really like! There are so many of your cards that I just love…BUT stand no chance of recreating to my satisfaction. So my favorite list would only include cards/techniques of yours that I could just possibly do! Thank you for another year of wonderful art…you are an inspiration to us all.

  8. Laura Jane says:

    Lovely, LOVELY choices! Have a Blessed 2016!

  9. tish rowe says:

    Thank you, Heather, for sharing with us all. Your work is outstanding and so are the tutorials.
    When you get a chance, can you tell us how you did the City one? I have tried inking, then misting the stamp, but my image does not come out. Then I tried it on wet paper and same thing. So, not sure how to get the watercolor effect you have.
    Thanks again. Happy New Year.

    • Heather says:

      Hi Tish,
      I will do some more like the city one soon, and give more detail. Thank you so much for your kind words. Happy New Year

      • Clelie says:

        I second that request! 🙂 I can’t figure out how you got the colors to separate into such exquisite color combinations (trees and part of the city). Oh, what fun problems to ponder! 🙂

  10. Carolyn says:

    Thank you, thank you for sharing your beautiful cards & techniqes, I appreciate you & your works of art. Happy New Year !

  11. Lindsey says:

    Such a gorgeous top ten. All worthy of viewing again! Happy New Year, Heather… looking forward to more inspiration in 2016!

  12. Miriam Prantner says:

    They are all just stunning!

  13. Pat says:

    Your work is always beautiful and these ten cards are all wonderful examples of your work Heather. x

  14. glow:) says:

    hello…my resolution for 2016 and yes… its past and i am rather late… but i am going to think of the bloggers that are trying to make a go of it and be more up with my blogger subscriber pals… i am following you, heather, because your cards are inspirational and i make cards so at some point you might see some similarity:) i am not too keen on casing cards just cuz i feel sorta uncomfortable since its still close to somebody elses work.. but i am here to learn and i thank you for you are definitely down my line cardmaker.. i love challenges and want to learn the tricks with drawing and creating from scratch using some stamps… but to avoid too much cost with them and draw some scenic landscape cards like you.. floral ones? o yes, i draw them out sometimes already:) ….a lil peek into one of your subscribers lives.. an enthused one of what i see here.. thanks:)

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