Brusho is in the house!

Brusho Garden Heather Telford

When I started experimenting with bister powders there was perhaps a slight overload of bister projects here on the blog. I am still really enjoying the colours, the texture and watching the magic when the bister reacts with water, but I have some Brusho in the house now and I have to say it is also much fun. Blog readers and some of my class members have been asking whether I prefer Bister, Brusho or Colorburst. I am happy to be undertaking the creative research to answer that question.

All that to say; I’ll be sharing Brusho projects for the next few days! Today’s brusho experiment involved a little magic, some searching and painting. Sandy Allnock used this technique a while back but I can’t find the technique on her blog which makes me wonder whether it was a periscope. (Here is a link to a post where she shared a wonderful amount of information about working with Brusho and Colorburst)

I started by creating a random pattern of colour with Brusho powders. I sprinkled some of my favourite colours on watercolour paper then spritzed with water. I waited, watched the magic, added some more powder, more water and watched more magic. I did several different panels then went to bed. The next day I worked out how to use my panels. This one was a speckly one because I did not move the colour around with a brush while the panel was wet; I just let it dry. The result is lots of little coloured shapes and feathery patterns. Because of the concentration of blues and greens at the top of the panel I decided to turn that area into trees by painting on some branches and trunks. Brusho speckly patterns Heather Telford

The blue speckles to the right looked a bit like delphiniums so I added more paint with a brush and some extra definition with a zig brush pem. I also painted leaves at the base of the delphiniums with more green brusho. I was working with patterns of colour already on the panel and adding more definition with sprinkles of powder, a wet brush and a few zig clean color real brush pens. This is only part of the panel; perhaps I will pull a picture out of the left over scrap too.

To finish I added a sentiment, then matted with watercolour paper and added it to a watercolour card base.(you know I am all about the matchy-matchy!)

Stamps: Special Wishes (PB)
Paint:  Brusho powders & Zig clean color real brush pens
Cardstock: Hotpressed Canson & Fabriano paper


14 Comments on “Brusho is in the house!”

  1. canadiancaroline says:

    Gorgeous! It really is MAGIC, isn’t it? Wishing you joy in your continued “research”…

  2. Swh2013 says:

    Beautiful! I love watching Brusho do its magic. I tried Sandy’s technique with that bear and I ended up with a muddy tiger! Lol. I love watching what you do with bister. You get amazing work from that technique!

  3. Pat says:

    A gorgeous mix of colours Heather and the added trees work beautifully. I see what you mean about the blue delphiniums. x

  4. Bonnie says:

    I love how you’ve added definition to the background to make it a painting! Awesome!

  5. craftytreen says:

    Oh Heather! This card is drop dead gorgeous. this one might be my favorite of the bister powder cards. (although you keep coming up with even better ones, so it may not last long) I love the trees the mixture of blues and greens with the white sunlight shining through) its so lovely. and then there are the delphiniums! oh my gosh! they are stunning. i’m not really clear about how you did that, but they are wonderful! the blue on the right lower side looks like water. this makes me want to try my colorbursts. I cant wait till you try them. I need to go back and watch Sandy Allnock’s video comparing the 3 different brands. thank you so much for the link to it. LOL the “going to bed part” seems to be a key with watercolors of any kind. I struggle with that one. Thank you so much for sharing this with us, treen

  6. Marianne says:

    Gorgeous! Love how you painted in the trees and the delphiniums after you let the panel dry. It’s as if you had planned it from the start. Looking forward to more inspiration, but if I were to follow Sandy’s advice I should stop watching and simply dive in myself and experiment with my own Brusho’s…

  7. Stunning! Beautiful colours and I love your trees. I am looking forward to your next Brusho projects! xxx

  8. Sylvie Renaud says:

    I just love these colours!
    I would love to get some brusho colours, can you share where to get them please? I tried Deserres and couldn’t find them! 🙂

  9. Lindsey says:

    The delphiniums are the first thing I noticed as I looked at the details of your card. You added the trees in just the right spots. Absolutely gorgeous.

  10. Connie Schulz says:


  11. Neha says:

    I am in awe of your work. It is beyond gorgeous. I love these colors too. You have defined the randomness of pattern so brilliantly. Hats off. Hugs.

  12. memalagene says:

    Gorgeous creation, I love your work!

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