Coffee art journal page

I’ve been having a delightful time in my art journals and in the Art Journal Adventure workshops. We have gone in three different directions so far and the next one is coffee or tea themed. You can see an example of a tea themed page on my classes page and here is my first coffee page.

It doesn’t show up in the photo but the red cup is embossed and glossy and I want one just like it in real life! I used distress embossing glaze for both the words and the cup then had to create a visual triangle in red, do you see it?

I am currently not a coffee drinker which actually makes the quote all the more apt for me. I love the aroma! For Christmas I gave my husband a coffee subscription and each month the coffee comes in a cardboard package which smells delightful as does the mailbox !

If you are interested in joining in the art journal adventure please check out my Classes page where you will see the next two sessions or click on the Crop A While classes page.


8 Comments on “Coffee art journal page”

  1. Pat says:

    This is an absolutely wonderful page Heather and I love the coffee theme with the added glossy inserts and the super pops of red with the mug and the large font stylish and interesting. x

  2. nancystiz says:

    LOVE this! What fun pages! It kept my eye busy for quite a while. You added such interesting elements and the splash of red is perfect! Thank you for all your inspiration!

  3. nise says:

    Ahhhh! The aroma of coffee! Fabulous journal pages. I am intrigued by the layers I often see in art journals/mixed media. The depth adds so much to the art.

  4. Very cool… I’ve been wanting to make an art journal and might try to finally start one today! Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂☕️

  5. […] drinker I ended up creating three coffee themed pages and two tea themed. You can see the first coffee themed page here. As you can see from the three spreads featured here I use a variety of techniques, papers and […]

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