Today’s card is a companion in style to my two previous Penny Black floral cards. All three feature PB cling stamps and some sort of background filler. For this one I used a text stamp from the PB clear set, ‘footnotes’.

I used both distress ink pads and markers to ink the ‘Aromatic’ stamp while in the stamp positioner. To fit the image on my panel of hot pressed watercolour paper I masked at the base to make the vase a little shorter. The foliage and little flowers are so delicate I did not add any water blending after stamping but I did blend the red flowers and the vase with a paintbrush and water.

The text is stamped in weathered wood distress ink, a nice bluey-grey and splattered with the same ink. The text is actually from Pride and Prejudice which I am re-reading at the moment. While we had no power I noticed I had a copy on my e-reader so I started reading it; no bedside lamp required! Even though I know it well I am enjoying the conversations. After all who can resist hearing, ‘I am all astonishment!’ Are you a re-reader?


12 Comments on “Aromatic”

  1. Paula S says:

    Yes Heather, I am! My favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird and I try to read it every year. I love the way Harper Lee writes and enjoy reading the familiar text again.
    And your card is beautiful as always Heather!

  2. Jan Castle says:

    This is soooo pretty…it is already on my wish list. I hesitated because of the tall vase – but, you have shown me it still looks great when you mask off part of the vase…thanks so much Heather! I really like the look!
    Paper Hugs,

  3. June says:

    This one along with the other two is lovely. Florals are my favorites.

  4. nancystiz says:

    I love seeing you do these brush stroke stamps. They are quite the challenge for me but yours are just gorgeous! I always love the background you add to them. And I am absolutely an e-reader every single day.

  5. Bonnie says:

    I am a re-reader, Heather, and enjoy some books multiple times! Love your bright red and blue flowers with the text along the side. As lovely as the companion pieces!

    • Heather says:

      I am the same Bonnie, I have a few series that I have read more than twice. I return to them knowing how enjoyable it will be to be immersed in the story again.

  6. Karen Jackson says:

    These are very pretty flowers Heather. I particularly like the way you have used the text on the side. I am very definitely a re-reader. Some books I re-read randomly but others I re-read annually, the same time each year. It’s like catching up with old friends.

  7. Pat says:

    Such a pretty washy look Heather and such a great idea to cut the bottom off the very tall vase, and it still works brilliantly…love the script in the background too. x

    • Pat says:

      Sorry I meant to say that I have read Pride and Prejudice but a long time ago but don’t tend to re-read as I always find new books I want to read and these days I don’t read as prolifically as I used to. The more flowery language is wonderful. x

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