Iris Elegance

This is the second iris card I’ve painted but it probably won’t be the last. Iris Elegance from Penny Black is such a bold beautiful stamp.

I worked on hot press watercolour paper in a stamp positioner to stamp the outline stamp in chipped sapphire, peeled paint and wild honey distress inks. I blended ink into the petals from the stamped outline but also used brusho paints to fill the petals with blends of colour. I had violet, ultramarine and moss green brusho mixed in a palette beside me so I could dip my brush and add paint to the petals.

To fill out the design I stamped just leaves to the left and the right of the main image. Let me know if you have irises blooming already or suggest some petal colours to me. The yard is covered in snow again here so the irises best keep on sleeping for now!


14 Comments on “Iris Elegance”

  1. Elizabeth Jones says:

    This is beautiful, and my favorite iris colors. I did iris a couple years ago, and didn’t find that perfect strong yellow for the pollen areas, and you used wild honey! After how many years of using distress, I still learn more about my ink colors from you! Thank you, Heather. No iris yet in NH, just the green poking up a couple inches so far.

    • Heather says:

      Thank you Elizabeth. Yes, wild honey and fossilized amber seem to be strong enough yellow and they do push the other inks away so I have to be careful not to drop in too much.

  2. patricia rowe says:

    This is so beautifully colored. The idea of the leaves on each side is very clever. No iris yet.
    Things are blooming probably not long.

  3. Pat says:

    This colour is perfect for what we all know and love as the typical iris colour and I love the added yellow centres and stripes down the leaves beautiful! I have some irises but I think it will probably be a couple of months before they bloom. I have seen them in all sorts of colours including yellow and red and a lighter lilac colour, but I think depended on the species they come in white and pink too. x

  4. Wow that is just gorgeous, the blending of the colors is wonderful!

  5. Karen Jackson says:

    Wonderful colouring Heather. These Iris(es?) are so bold and vibrant.It is good that the real ones are still sleeping for now. We have a forecast for snow on Wednesday. Crazy weather everywhere.

  6. nancystiz says:

    Fabulously gorgeous! Your colors are so striking and the blend is so perfectly done. I love the added yellow, again so natural looking. Someday I may have patience to try this again.

  7. Clelie says:

    This is so beautiful and I can’t wait to play with my Brusho and Distress Inks. Why don’t I think of mixing mediums???☺ Thank you for all the inspiration you have given all these years! Do you outline these after painting or does a natural ‘hard’ edge develop? I love it!♥

    • Heather says:

      Thank you Clelie, I often forget to mix mediums too but I’ve been flexing my mixed media muscles more lately! The hard edge is from the original stamping; I pull ink from that edge but some remains as outline.

  8. Bonnie says:

    These irises are gorgeous, Heather! Bright and gorgeous colors!

  9. nise says:

    Gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing your art and the colors that make it so beautifully realistic. I need to try using my distress inks, but seem to reach for my colored pencils every time.

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