Fresh Pansies

Pansies seem to be a happy flower don’t you think? This is the new ‘pansies’ stamp from Penny Black stamped twice on cold press watercolour paper.

In my previous post I asked what colour suggestions you had for irises. Jan in Oregon sent me some beautiful photos she has taken over the years featuring some stunning irises, so the inspiration file has definitely been topped up. She also sent a few photos of pansies, tulips and daffodils as they are the next flowers to be featured here on the blog. The photo below was my inspiration for today’s card. I ended up with more purple petals than white as I didn’t have time for negative painting but I was still inspired and delighted by Jan’s photo.

I stamped with distress inks then filled the petals with brusho watercolours using the same method I used recently for the irises. I used shaded lilac, mowed lawn and fossilized amber to stamp the outline then violet brusho and a mix of leaf green and moss green for the leaves and stems.

I used a purple marker to draw the lines coming out from the centre of the flowers, blended some mowed lawn around the stems and finished with a sentiment from the PB ‘love big’ set.


13 Comments on “Fresh Pansies”

  1. paprpass says:

    Beautiful!!! Love the colors! Thank you for more inspiration using Brusho with Distress Ink as you have sent my creative mind whirring again, lol. Question, do you “set” your Brusho creations so they don’t smear when sending your cards? I find mine comes off on fingers when others touch the card. Thanks for sharing.

    • Heather says:

      I am always happy to hear I am providing inspiration. I don’t set my brushos but I know sometimes they seem to need it. For this panel the brushos were thoroughly mixed in a palette so no undissolved crystals. When I am sprinkling the crystals on a project I tend to give it a good shake and gentle brush off to try and avoid any coming off on fingers. I could use a spray fixative but I usually don’t bother on cards.

  2. creatingincolors says:

    How beautiful! I certainly agree pansies are a happy flower!

  3. These are beautiful pansies! I love how you captured their happy little faces in every bloom. I am anxious to see if I can achieve this look. Thanks, Heather!

  4. marilyn418 says:

    Amazingly realistic!! Pansies are such a beautiful perennial….always remember them from my childhood for some reason!

  5. Jan Castle says:

    Beautifully done Heather!!!!!
    Paper Hugs,

  6. nancystiz says:

    This is incredible! No one does no line coloring like you do. LOVE those spring colors, something we won’t see here for a while. This is so beautifully done and such an eye catcher!

  7. Karen Jackson says:

    These pansies are beautiful Heather.They are happy looking flowers and they smell wonderfully and peppery too. you have coloured them so well that I could never have seen such a lovely, bright, springlike card from looking at the stamp in the PB packet. Good work Heather.

  8. Clelie says:

    Oh, Heather…these are ADORABLE! You captured the impish expressions on their little faces from Jan’s photo so PERFECTLY! Such little characters!☺ Well, I have the Iris stamp on my Wish List and now I can’t wait to see the next offerings of inspiration you have for us!…especially the daffodils!♥ My Wish List is going to “joyfully” expand!♥♥♥ (I have Spring Fever ‘so bad’!☺)

  9. Pat says:

    These are gorgeous Heather and love the way you have dropped the colour on some of the wet petals to give a beautiful soft effect, and the yellow centres really pop. x

  10. nise says:

    Possibilities to spread my cardmaking wings abound when I come by and drink in your fabulous art. Your flowers should be framed!

  11. elscoast says:

    Most of your links go to Link… but never any stamp set or other tool. Linda

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