Landscapes from leftovers

In my recent gel printing video I kept a piece of heavy weight paper off to the side for cleaning my brayer. I turned it around half way through the printing session so it ended up browns on one side and blue/grey/yellow on the other.

The colour and texture was too yummy to waste so I cut two rectangles which both spanned the centre or ‘horizon’ line of the large sheet. Because the panel above has a dark sky I punched a circle moon from another area and made it a night scene with the addition of black silhouette trees die-cut with the PB ‘into the woods’ die.

Not only is there plenty of visual texture in these panels the brayered paper is also very rough to touch. There is no trick to making these papers; I definitely don’t keep the clean up sheets every time but I find if I work with the same colours for a while and flip the sheet around when it has plenty of paint on it the combination of colour and texture can be beautiful.

The second card is more of a late afternoon scene. The colour of the sun is similar to what we saw two days ago when the sky was hazy due to bushfires in northwestern Ontario.

The trees blend into the landscape somewhat as there is not a lot of contrast between the die cuts and the base. I used the PB ‘tall trees’ dies and cut them from the left over edges of the panel.

This is not the first time I’ve used scraps and scratch paper for cards and journal pages. This cityscape is made from gel printing masks and two of these cards are from a clean up sheet. Today I glued a large ‘clean up’ sheet into my art journal as a background for a future page. I don’t know what to do with it yet but I liked it too much to toss it away.


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7 Comments on “Landscapes from leftovers”

  1. Clelie says:


  2. Bonnie says:

    Great use of the clean off sheets, Heather! I often like them better than the actual gel prints.

  3. nancystiz says:

    I’ve never had scrap paper that looked that good! Love the scenes you created at what appears to be dusk. This is the epitome of creativity!

  4. paprpass says:

    Ooh, love how you used all of these pieces to make such peaceful landscape scenes! So creative & inspiring. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Loll says:

    You must have the best clean up sheets around, Heather. Two amazing cards! xx

  6. PaperMorePaper says:

    Heather, you obviously are blessed with eyes that not only see but ones that fill in what Could Be if you just …………(fill in the blank)……………..
    Thanks for sharing your gift with us!

  7. Paula S says:

    Heather, I just found your blog. I love your gel prints and how you used them in cards! I will be following you.

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