Bird’s eye view

This cute bird on a branch stamp is new from Penny Black and is called ‘bird’s eye view’. We recently installed a new bird feeder in our backyard. It is on a shepherd’s hook metal pole to discourage the squirrels. The feeder itself has the anti-squirrel spring mechanism which closes access to the seed when something as heavy as a squirrel lands on it. You can probably guess what I’m going to say next; squirrels are wily creatures as are chipmunks! I can say that no adult squirrels have successfully fed directly from the feeder, they hang around underneath and eat what falls to the ground. We have seen a smaller squirrel climb the pole and lean over to take seed from the feeder without putting weight on it and a chipmunk that is light enough to sit on the feeder and stuff it’s face happily!

I know from experience you win some and lose some with feeders and I am enjoying the cardinal couple, the chickadees and the sparrows that are popping in. I think we’ve seen a finch or two but not certain.

To create this vintage themed card I limited myself to a brown and blue colour scheme. The browns are tea dye, antique linen and vintage photo distress inks; the blues are speckled egg distress ink plus the arctic blue and cyan Karin brushmarkers. First I smooshed tea dye and speckled egg inks on a glass mat, diluted them with water then swiped a piece of hot pressed watercolour paper through the inks. Once the background was dry I stamped the ‘bird’s eye view’ image on the panel with antique linen and kept the panel in the stamp positioner while I added darker ink by applying distress marker to the stamp where I needed darker browns and black.

I painted the leaves in both tea dye and speckled egg inks and did the same with the bird before adding vintage photo ink to the wing, tail and legs. Once the bird was finished I felt the speckled egg blue was not deep enough so I used the blue Karin markers to add ink directly to the paper then blended with a paintbrush.

To add to the vintage look I blended around the edge of the panel with vintage photo ink then dropped splats of water here and there to create watermarks. I also stamped the PB script stamp which never fails to add some vintage charm. I hunted through my dies to find a pretty foliage die that mimics the shape of leaves and cut both bronze and cream pieces to attach to the left of the panel. Continuing the vintage theme I stamped a partial sentiment on a little tag and tied it to the panel with twine. Yes, of course there is also some ink splatter.

Let me know if you have successfully deterred squirrels from you backyard bird feeders; I’d love to hear your techniques.


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7 Comments on “Bird’s eye view”

  1. Pat says:

    The combination of blue and brown is so pretty and gives a vintage feel to this beautiful card Heather, and love the stamped and the added die cut foliage to accompany your sweet bird. We have a bird table which we only got a month or so ago, and unfortunately have to have it near the house as the garden slopes up and their is very little flat ground. We have had one or two sparrows but nothing much else at the moment. I just hope they become accustomed to it and will become less nervous as time goes on. x

  2. Wow that is gorgeous!!

  3. nancystiz says:

    This is remarkable! Love the color combination as well as the way you beautifully combine stamps. Your painting is always so well done. I still have hopes to make friends with watercolor.

  4. Bonnie says:

    What a pretty bird and a lovely vintage card, Heather! We put a good coat of vaseline on our pole. The squirrels can’t get a good grip on it. When it hardens so they can climb up, we clean it off and start over. Watching the beautiful birds is worth the hassle!

  5. Rose Guerin says:

    Love this card another beauty.

  6. Lagene says:

    Wonderful bird, I love your coloring!

  7. Loll says:

    LOVE this vintage style card Heather. The brown and blue combo is perfect for the look you wanted. Wonderful mix of techniques to create a gorgeous card. I think I need to invest in those Karin markers. 🙂 We have lots of squirrels in our backyard, but they don’t stay long as our dog Jessie goes “squirrel hunting” as soon as she spots them. They are always high in the trees, so there’s no chance she will actually get a hold of one, but the barking scares them off. Less come to our yard now … so she is definitely a deterrent. 🙂 xx

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