Green Truck in the City

This little green truck card was made on request, and probably not a focal point I would have come up with myself. The end result however made me very happy and all but the kraft buildings and road sign were cut from gel prints.

I could have cut all the components from coloured cardstock but I chose instead to use gel prints and mixed the green and blue paints on the gel plate in order to match the green of the truck requested. I love the added texture a gel print gives. The sky is very textured because it was printed on my damaged gel plate. I use it mainly as a palette where I mix colours or roll off excess paint. I pull prints off it now and again during a session and the patchy blue and white print made a perfect sky. I don’t have a truck die but I did some mods to a van die-cut and ‘ta-da’ I had a little green truck on its way to graduation!

Would this be a good time to mention there are a couple of spaces left in next Friday’s gel printing workshop?


3 Comments on “Green Truck in the City”

  1. Pat says:

    This is great Heather and love the mottled look of the pretty blue sky using the damaged gelli plate adds that bit of interesting texture, and then the two toned green truck cleverly engineered by you, and love the die cut kraft card buildings too. I was trying to get my head around the request for a truck on a graduation card, but obviously there was a good reason for x

  2. nancystiz says:

    What a great job you did with a difficult request! That would be a tough one. Using the gelli prints results in so much texture to this little scene and love how you cut down the van to make it work! The gelli prints also added lot so interest to this.

  3. Patricia Rowe says:

    Little green truck. Must be a good
    story there..interesting design.
    Thanks for sharing.

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