Pencil Poppies

Today’s pencil and gouache technique was inspired by a beautiful card recently posted by Debby Hughes. Debby did a video of her process so if you are interested you can pop over to her youtube channel and follow her directions like I did.

I used a different stamp, ‘brilliant’ from Penny Black but the other supplies and technique are the same as Debby’s. I stamped on kraft cardstock with pumice stone ink, painted inside the petals with white gouache then did all the colouring with Faber Castell Polychromos pencils.

When I first stamped the ‘brilliant’ poppy stamp I used Papertrey ink soft stone ink which is my current favourite for no-line watercolour techniques. It stamped well on the kraft cardstock but when I looked at it ten minutes later it had faded quite a bit. It would be fine for someone whose eyesight is perfect but mine is not so I stamped in pumice stone distress which gave me a bit more contrast.

Debby’s technique included painting the petals in white gouache then colouring over the top. I hadn’t tried it before but I will do it again in the future. It worked very well and took the place of my previous method which was colouring in white pencil first then adding colours over the top before blending again in white. Painting with gouache first gave me a base which happens to also be a nice matte surface to colour over. I finished the design with some white gouache splatter as Debby did. So basically I am saying, ‘ do what she did!’ Thank you Debby for a great technique tutorial.

The polychromos pencils I used were: white, medium flesh, medium cadmium red, raw umber, emerald green, pine green, naples ochre and walnut brown.


10 Comments on “Pencil Poppies”

  1. mpat02 says:

    Really lovely!

  2. Mrs Karen Jackson says:

    Simply beautiful.

  3. Pat says:

    The white gouache works brilliantly for the background colour on these flowers and the pencils work beautifully over the top Heather, and the coordinating white splatters makes the perfect finishing touch. A gorgeous card! x

  4. nancystiz says:

    WOW! I definite WOW factor and now I have to try this although I doubt my skills would come close to this quality of work. This is just incredible and so perfectly done! I’m also amazed at the detail your preserved using this technique and not obliterating the darker centers. Fabulous work!

  5. Patricia Rowe says:

    We appreciate so much you taking the time to give us such wonderful instructions. Kraft paper is an used paper that makes great cards.
    This card is lovely and your colors perfect.
    Thank you. I assume spring has sprung for you?

  6. nise says:

    So pretty! The gouache idea is really making me think. I may need to watch that video by Debby. I practice calligraphy and will sometimes use gouache for lettering. Thank you for sharing your talents and especially for telling what you used and why. Those details give real insight into your creative process and may save us time and aggravation if we are “listening”.

  7. patgasko4764 says:

    Gorgeous and beautiful! I couldn’t stop starring at it. Once again you brightened my world.
    Pat Gasko

  8. Loll says:

    WOW! Gorgeous coloursing with your pencils, Heather. Debby’s video is such a great way to colour on kraft. xx

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