Rustic Birdhouse

When I do any art journalling these days I do so with a large sheet of watercolour paper on my work surface. It is not the most expensive brand and it does have a bit of texture, currently I am using Canson XL. As I create any blending off the edge of an element ink ends up on the large sheet. Excess paint or ink is wiped off on the sheet. I try out a pen, ink or marker on the sheet to make sure it is the colour I want and has plenty of juice left in it. Consequently pattern and colour builds up on the sheet over time as journal projects are finished.

The most recent page I made involved brown and black paints so I often wiped the brush off on the large sheet. When painting strips of paper for tree trunks I lay those strips on the large sheet. I ended up with a rough painted area resembling woodgrain so I cut it off the larger sheet and die cut birdhouses from it with the PB ‘rustic birdhouse’ die.

I die-cut the frames from deep red and petrol blue, blended ink on white die-cut birds then put together two birdhouses.

The large piece of ‘clean-up/practice’ paper provided me with unique patterned paper for the birdhouses. The embossed background was created with the ‘evergreen forest 3D folder’ from SU.

Happy New Year everyone, I’m looking forward to sharing all sorts of things here on the blog this year and I can’t wait to chat with you along the way.


8 Comments on “Rustic Birdhouse”

  1. cakewizzardhotmailcom says:

    Great idea! I’ve done it many times because I love making backgrounds and leftovers make Nat die cuts. Yet every once in a while I need to be reminded. Thanks Heather now I want to get my paints out.

  2. nancystiz says:

    That is one, striking piece of scrap for your bird house. It looks just like aged wood! Love that. I never think to do this either so thanks again for the inspiration! Love the effects of this!

  3. that is just fabulous! Your bird house looks amazing!

  4. Loll says:

    Even your roll-offs are works of art Heather! 🙂 The woodgrain on these bird houses is fabulous. Love the deep colours and so striking with the colours bird house frames. xx

  5. Bonnie says:

    Your birdhouses are beautiful, Heather! A great way to use up you scrap! It certainly looks like it’s been intended! Love the birds and the embossed backgrounds too!

  6. Pat says:

    What a great idea Heather, and these pieces were perfect for your two birdhouses, and I love the added robins perched on them, and the 3D tree embossing makes a perfect background. x

  7. Clelie says:

    WOW…Love your ‘woodgrain’ birdhouses and stark, embossed backgrounds! I like the horizontal card best…both have ‘personality’. ☺ Am amazed how you achieved that wonderful woodgrain paper. ♥

  8. Liane Cavanagh says:

    I love everything about this. ‘Tothsome’ paper is my favourite because it brings a textural element to a watercolour piece. And you have taken that to the next level. I also appreciate the visual intensity of the cute Robin and the bird house against the subtle texture of the forest. This is a great card that showcases your ability the balance light and dark, smooth and texture, colour & white space. Thank you so much for sharing and inspiring us.

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