2021 BuJo – February pages

We are still in the thick of winter here in Canada so I chose a northern lights theme for my February journal pages. Like last month I masked a shape and did all the blending inside the shape. This time I masked a square and positioned a hilly mask to create a horizon. I used Papertrey Ink cubes and makeup brushes to blend the sky.

After blending a bold blue, green and purple sky I moved the horizon mask lower to lightly blend a snowbank shadow then positioned a die-cut mask for a deer and blended blue, then black through that. I did film the process just to give you an idea. It’s portrait orientation for instagram and it is 4x normal speed but you can see the steps.

Below are a couple more February pages completed using the same theme. As you can imagine the combination wish list and to-do list took a lot of ink blending which ended up being visible through the paper on the next page. Maybe they bled through because I used more ink on this page for greater depth of colour or maybe these inks are juicier than distress inks; I’m not sure but you can see the bleed through if you look at the February calendar page in the next photo. I’m not too worried about the bleed through, once I have recorded things on the calendar page it will be less obvious I imagine.

I used Stabilo point 88 finelines for the lettering once again but do intend to try some other pens I have on hand (confession – I have many types of pens and markers on hand!)

Last month I did a modified version of the traditional 7 x 6 grid for the January calendar page and a separate habit tracking page. This month I combined the calendar and habit tracker on a list style page. I will record any appointments and outings (you know, the exciting ones like the grocery store) on the left hand side and note down what we cooked, how much water I drank and whether I took all my vitamins on the right hand side. Do you struggle to drink enough water each day? I am the worst in my family but I have become much better since I put a reminder app on my phone. I also am quite good taking my supplements at breakfast but not so good the rest of the day!

I have a couple more pages to get done for February which I hope to share next week. Thanks for dropping by. Let me know if you are a bullet journal user; I’d love to hear what you use it for.


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8 Comments on “2021 BuJo – February pages”

  1. carol tummon says:

    That is just outstanding Heather! I look at your various creations and just go WOW!
    But this one just ‘sings’ to me! Perhaps it’s the colours or the subject matter or that extra bright Bujo paper. I just love it!


  2. Leslie says:

    Beautiful! Really love what you’re doing with this journal!

  3. Janet S. says:

    Ooh, so pretty and vivid!! Using the blender brush on the deer also gives it more depth…brilliant!
    This journal seems to me like it is a gift to yourself, creating for the beautiful artist that you are. I think I better spend more time pondering that. Thank you for sharing and inspiring! Yum!!

  4. ednamburgess says:

    Very pretty. Will have to try again. Last time I tried northern lights they didn’t turn out well. But like yours.

  5. Clelie says:

    I am LOVING watching you work your journals. (I STILL occasionally ‘mull over’ your Story Book card series from years ago…oh, LOTHLORIEN!♥ AND WIND IN THE WILLOWS!♥ and thought how wonderful it would be to have a literary journal of children’s favorites!) But, I don’t journal. I bought a few ☺ eons ago thinking I would start an Art Journal and never followed through. Watching what you are doing, I am thinking I should pull one out and do a Technique Journal. I have been at this long enough to be frustrated trying to remember ‘how DID I do this technique???’. Who knows, maybe it will jump start me!☺ ♥♥♥

  6. nancystiz says:

    What beautiful pages and love the wintry color combination. I do have to try northern lights, something I haven’t attempted before. Thank you for all the inspiration. I do think that the bleed through simply makes that page look tinted.

  7. Pat says:

    This is just brilliant Heather and love the Northern Lights with that sweet deer and then the theme followed through so beautifully on the next pages, and I don’t think the bleed through matters at all as it looks as though it is part of the design. I just adore the colours. x

  8. So eye-catching!! Great to see how to create the sky!!

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