Wanderlust is the perfect name for this stamp; I would love to be walking down that lane in Provence! I have a friend with a house in Provence so I am curious to hear whether if I’ve managed to capture the look. To create this lavender themed panel I started by painting the watercolour paper in pale distress stains. I wet the whole panel then painted the bottom half in mustard seed stain. I was way too heavy handed and the result was bright yellow! I quickly whisked the panel to the sink and rinsed it off which resulted the pale yellow you see in the centre of the road. With the panel still wet I painted the sky area in broken china distress stain. I dried the panel and placed it in a stamp positioner to do all the stamping. There was a certain amount of back and forth with my stamping, blending, over-stamping etc but I will try and give you the gist of it. All the stamping is done with oxide inks on this panel so I would have more of an oil or acrylic painting look (something like this beauty by Maria Bertan). I stamped the trees and roadside grasses in peeled paint and forest moss distress oxide ink, wiping off the tips of the grasses on the right hand corner so I could ink with dusty concord oxide ink.

As I built up colour on the trees it was sometimes easiest to ink a large area with the oxide ink then wipe ink off the stamp where I didn’t want that colour. I also pressed the oxide ink pads down on my glass mat so I could pick up colour with a paint brush and apply it to the panel that way. As oxide inks are part dye ink and part pigment I was able to clear emboss over the stamping part way through the process to ‘lock’ in the colour on the foreground trees, grass and background trees. The ‘lavender field’ area is blank when stamped so I painted the rows of lavender with dusty concord and some spots of peeled paint oxide ink, the far fields in crushed olive and the road edges in diluted vintage photo. I loved the pops of purple so much I brought them into my second version also but not in the same way.

The second card is a looser watercolour look done with no oxides just the original distress inks and markers. I stamped the trees and grasses with forest moss, peeled paint and candied apple (roadside poppies). I was able to get some variety on the trees and grass by blending with a paint brush and re-stamping over the top.

The adjacent field is painted in wild honey distress ink then there is a dusty concord field further back. To get the blended effect I also spritzed my stamp not the panel so water was transferred from the stamp to the paper in certain areas not over the whole scene. While the inks were still damp I painted a tumbled glass and dusty concord sky around the tree tops and down to the hill edges. Some of the green ink bled into the sky but not too much. Finally I painted the road with vintage photo distress ink.

Have you been to Provence? Does it look a bit like this? Or, like me, do you want to go there now?


7 Comments on “Wanderlust”

  1. Pat says:

    I wanted to go to Provence this year for a holiday but it didn’t happen unfortunately, but I think you have captured the look of it beautifully with the bright colours and lots of contrast between the lights and darks, both versions are gorgeous Heather. x

  2. Liane Desmarais-Cavanagh says:

    That is wonderful. How clever you are to have inserted the rows of lavender. I can almost smell it!
    And i love the second card as well. Very impressionist painter.
    You will have to visit to compare your work with the reality!

  3. nancystiz says:

    WOW!! That looks just like a photo. I have this stamp but don’t think I can come even close to the incredible job you did on these! These are unbelievably gorgeous. Your use of color is amazing!

  4. Karen Jackson says:

    These are wonderful Heather. Not only have you captured the look of Provence, but your use of colour has captured the heat that just bounces of the earth and the stones in the summer. I hope that you get the chance to visit your friend in Provence and feel it for yourself.

  5. Good Evening friend,

    Very beautiful. I love the way you sketched the nearby pond and the reflections, in addition to the row of trees and the road.
    Regards and blessings.

  6. jillianfoster82 says:

    Wow! My jaw just hit the floor when I saw this post. You amaze me!

  7. Lagene says:

    Gorgeous creations!!!

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