Crisp or misty

I pulled out the wonderful new trees from Darkroom Door’s ‘majestic mountains’ set to create today’s cards. I wanted to create two forest scenes, one on a crisp cold night, the other on a misty day. There are some similarities in the techniques and inks as well as differences which enabled me to create both looks. I began both times with cold pressed watercolour paper splattered with masking fluid. I like to have a few circles cut from frisket film on hand to mask a moon so I positioned one in the top right corner then tore a post-it note and positioned it diagonally across the panel. I stamped the two larger trees in versafine clair inks along the edge of the post-it mask so the trunks did not show and used one green for the largest tree and another green for the smaller.

Next I removed the post-it mask and painted water along the lower edge of the stamping and upwards to fill the sky. Then while the paper was wet I added weathered wood, faded jeans and old paper distress stains to fill the sky. Once I had the sky blended I used the post-it mask again as an edge to stamp more trees including one of the smaller ones from the ‘majestic mountains’ set. Again after removing the post-it mask I painted water and blended some of the three stains into the water to create shadows behind the trees and snowbanks. To finish it off I dried the panel, removed the frisket film and masking fluid then added a sentiment from the DD ‘pine cones’ set.

Although the colours and stamps are very similar I worked very much ‘wet into wet’ to create the second card. I painted water and diluted stain over most of the panel adding stripes of faded jeans, weathered wood and old paper. While it was wet I stamped the trees repeatedly with memento northern pine ink making first and second generation impressions to get dark foreground and lighter background images. Each time I inked the stamp I wiped ink off the trunk so it would not stamp, that way the trees all looked like they were in deep snow.

Believe it or not both panels started out the same size but a blot here and a mistake there meant this second one underwent some downsizing.

You might have noticed a stamped envelope in the first photo. I am going to try hard to stamp an envelope and my name on the back of the card as soon as I complete it. I have never been good at this but it makes a lot of sense to do it!


Stamps:majestic mountains, pine cones (Darkroom Door)

Inks: northern pine memento, shady lane & rain forest versafine clair

Stains: faded jeans, weathered wood, old paper

Paper: cold pressed watercolour paper, neenah natural white, dark green

Also: masking fluid, glass mat

11 Comments on “Crisp or misty”

  1. creatingincolors says:

    Both cards have beautiful scenes. I especially like that misty look! I like that you are stamping an envelope at the same time. That really does make sense and I should be doing it too!

  2. Beautiful cards – I can almost feel the snow. Thank you for sharing your techniques so we all can learn.

  3. Jo Ann Fannon says:

    Thanks for these gorgeous cards! >

  4. Mary Ann says:

    Both cards are gorgeous – but I think the second card is my favorite, too. So ethereal! No mistakes in stamping – just happy accidents.

  5. Sara Beasley says:

    I prefer the musty. Just has that “feeling” to it.

  6. Pat says:

    Both are really beautiful Heather and so different and such pretty colours too, with your moonlit scene and then the misty daytime version. I love the crisp outlines of the first but do love the atmospheric look to the second which is much harder to make realistic, and know that if I tried I could not do the wet in wet as well as you do, you have precisely the right touch Heather. x

  7. What beautiful cards Heather, that misty version is my favourite but they are both perfect. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. debsmart says:

    Both cards are amazing – I love the layers of blues around the moon on the 1st one! But the effect on the second card, with the ‘mist’ is fabulous!

  9. Karen Jackson says:

    These cards are terrific Heather. You achieved your plan of a crisp cold night and a misty day. if I had to choose between them I would plum for the misty day. The cold night looks like you could wrap up against the chill but the mist and damp really seeps into your bones on the misty day. So realistic. Well done, again.

  10. Liane Desmarais-Cavanagh says:

    I love, love, love the misty morning. Wonderfully atmospheric and romantic. I will just have to try that for myself!

  11. Jan Pignanelli says:

    Your skills are very apparent in these beautiful cards, Heather! I especially love the misty, almost mysterious feeling of the second. The beauty of winter!

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