A little more paint pouring

Yes, I have more from my paint pouring adventure to share! This one was done with metallic paints as you can see. When you pour or in this case ‘drag’ them onto the base colour the metallics don’t look very shiny but as they dry, well, you can see how lovely they are. To turn this one into a card I searched through my gold cardstock to find a match with the gold paint. I am a bit fussy with gold cardstock, some is too coppery, some too brown, too yellow, too light, too dark; you get the idea. The one that matched the best this time is a textured gold made by Tonic and it has a white back so I turned it into the card base. I also die-cut a ‘thank you’ from the same cardstock.

As I mentioned yesterday I won’t go into the how-to of paint pouring this time around but if I keep doing it I will definitely share what I learn. For those of you who have done some paint pouring this one was done by dipping some crochet thread in coloured paint, laying it on a base of black paint and gently pulling it through the black paint and off the panel.

I’m not sure of the brand of paints as I don’t own any (yet) but the matte colours came from a dollar store and the metallics from an art store. I was pleasantly surprised to find how many of the supplies could be bought from a dollar store or hardware store.

I have another paint pourer to recommend today and as I said yesterday be prepared to disappear into youtube land for quite some time! Mixed Media girl’s paintings are also mesmerising.


Yupo Paper Pad – White, HEAVY – 5″ x 7″
[ FLD ]
Tonic Studios Craft Perfect Luxury…
[ FLD ]
Penny Black Many Thanks Die Set
[ FLD ]
Ken Oliver Stick It Adhesive Sheets…
[ FLD ]


Paper: heavy weight yupo (legion), gold satin cardstock (tonic)

Die: many thanks (PB)

Also: stick it adhesive sheets (for the little die-cut)

9 Comments on “A little more paint pouring”

  1. Pat says:

    This is so beautiful Heather and the metallic finish really shines and love the shapes you have managed to get with the crochet thread dragged through, it actually looks like trumpet shaped flower heads…gorgeous! The gold for the background card and sentiment is a lovely match too. x

  2. Helene Lacroix says:

    Hi, Hope all is good. Just to let you know that I love the pouring card of today and yesterday, very special but just beautiful. Merci and have a great day, Helene

  3. Betty Farrington says:

    This is the absolute best I’ve seen you do! Outstanding!

  4. Connie Schulz says:

    Dried beautifully! Have to get some of those metallics. Love the card.

  5. Karen Jackson says:

    I love this card Heather. The gold and blue on the black base is very effective, very regal.

  6. memalagene says:

    Another GORGEOUS creation, I love the metallics!

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