Paint pouring or string painting?

I have seen a little bit of chat in comments about my recent paint pouring panels. Are they what we know as paint pouring or are they string painting? I am a newbie at this so I’m not the best one to ask. I do have one more string painting panel for you today along with what is known as a ‘dirty pour’. I thought both turned out rather nice and this is just adding to my desire to try all these methods again plus a few more techniques I have found on the interwebs.

The string paint pouring panel above was completed with just the two colours, a base of deep pink paint on a yupo panel then a piece of string dipped in white paint, laid in twists and turns on the wet panel then carefully dragged off leaving a trail of paint behind it.

This second panel is a ‘dirty pour’ created when several colours are poured into a cup together, cup is turned upside down onto the yupo panel then lifted to let the paint escape in all directions. A little tilting this way and that can change the size and shape of the pattern but really I didn’t do much; the magic just happened. I also didn’t do much to turn the panels into cards, a tiny sentiment stamped in monarch versafine clair ink on the top card and a stacked die-cut sentiment on the second card.

I know I keep mentioning this but I would like to thank my card making, blog reading friends for supporting me in the Dressember campaign this year. I am wearing a dress every day this month and my fundraising total is steadily moving towards the $1800 goal I have set for myself. Readers of this blog have blown me away with their involvement. The money raised world wide will be given in grants to organizations doing amazing work in the locating, rescuing and empowering of human trafficking victims. If you would like to give to this life changing work visit my campaign page here.  If you would like to check and see the daily dresses, I’m posting them on Pinterest and Instagram. I’m sending out cards to all my donors so one of today’s cards could be yours!!


Paper: heavy weight yupo (legion), neenah solar white cardstock, purple cardstock

Stamp: snippets (PB)

Die: deco frame (PB)

Also: stick it adhesive sheets (for the little die-cut)

9 Comments on “Paint pouring or string painting?”

  1. creatingincolors says:

    Beautiful! I especially love that string painting.

  2. Chris R. says:

    I love all your paint pouring posts. The cards are absolutely gorgeous!! Is there any chance you might make a video?

  3. memalagene says:

    OH my GOODNESS these are GORGEOUS!

  4. Mary Smith says:

    I LOVE these! I would love it if you could post a video demonstrating these methods. I want to do paint pouring, but I’ve never seen anyone demonstrate how to do it on paper for card making.

    • Heather says:

      Thank you, Mary, I’m glad you like them. I have only just learnt how to do these, I did the panels in a class where all the prep was done by the teacher. If I can master the whole process myself I might be able to do a video. There are some great paint pouring videos on line. For a card panel you work with smaller amounts of paint.

  5. Pat says:

    Two fantastic pieces of work Heather, and the paint pouring on the second is so pretty and perfect with just the stacked die cut sentiment in a matching colour. I don’t know if the paint covered string dragged over the beautifully painted background is totally random, but the resulting shape is just so like a flower head and stem with several prettily shaped leaves, and the contrast between light and dark is really dramatic. x

  6. Karen Jackson says:

    Heather you may say that you are a newbie at this paint pouring but your samples are terrific. I especially love the dark piece that resembles so clearly a cala lily. maybe it is Serendipitous, maybe it’s the Mary Poppins effect, mostly it is just real talent.

  7. Liz Chartrand says:


  8. Dhatri says:

    Very Beautiful!!!!!!!

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