Made for You

Some stamps old, some stamps new and some cardstock blue is the approach I took with these sweet new label stamps. I pulled out a textured gel print on rice paper and stamped flowers from a couple of favourite floral sets from Darkroom Door.

I used Ciao Bella chiascuro ink pads, the colours are deep but muted and worked beautifully with the paint colours in the gel print. Because rice paper is somewhat transparent I adhered the panel to a piece of aqua cardstock which made the print look bluer. I used the same cardstock to stamp the two phrases from the new DD ‘made for you’ set of label stamps.

The original gel print was done on a 9″x11″ gel plate so there was enough print for two cards and some extra strips on the envelope flaps

I think I have made cards a bit like this before. I love pairing DD silhouette flowers with gel prints. When I think about it, this gel print didn’t ‘work’ as far as the technique was concerned. I was using a wallpaper sample which textured swirls on it and they did not appear at all, I just got the scaly texture you can almost see. That’s the beauty of gel printing. Just because they don’t do what you expect doesn’t mean they are not usable.

The label stamps I’ve used as sentiments were probably designed to go on handmade items such as sewing or perhaps the back of a card. I decided they worked just as well as a message on the front of a card ready to send to someone dear to me.

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8 Comments on “Made for You”

  1. nise says:

    Your cards have a dreamy, twilight quality to them. There is always so much to admire when I stop by to see what cool stuff you have created. Wish I could stay home with my gel plate for the day, but I am thinking “gel plate fever” probably isn’t recognized as a disease by my employer!

  2. Liz in NH says:

    Lovely mood in these, contemplative, calm. I can see this translating well to sympathy cards, or “thinking of you”. And, yes, gelli always yields surprises.

  3. cakewizzardhotmailcom says:

    Beautiful! You are so right about the gel prints I have a drawer full to prove it. Lol

  4. Lagene says:

    Love your gel printed backgrounds!

  5. nancystiz says:

    This is so innovative! I’d have never thought to use the rice paper and LOVE that gelli print. I love all the texture in this print!

  6. Pat says:

    These DD wild flowers look terrific over your pretty gelli print background Heather, and love the colours and finished perfectly with the bright blue banner sentiment. x

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