Old Stone Doorway

Isn’t this a sweet front path and door? It makes me want to head inside or wander around the garden. This digital stamp is another design by my daughter which is available in her etsy store, Echidna Studios. I printed it on Arches cold press watercolour paper. You know I generally use Fabriano hot press watercolour paper but I am trying to ‘use what I have’ so I pulled out the Arches for a change. I like how the texture of the paper adds texture to the front of the house.

Using my Sennelier watercolour paints I painted a wash of brown over the brickwork, blue over the door and grey for the stonework. I also mixed a bluey green for the hedges. Next I switched to watercolour pencils and added shading to the bricks and stones, coloured the leaves and painted from the tip of my pencils to make the window and door frames grey and the reflections light blue. The sentiment is from Simply Graphic and is stamped in prize ribbon sketch archival ink

I almost stopped a couple of times as I wasn’t happy with the colours I had chosen and the lack of detail in the washes. I did keep going though and it pulled together. One thing that helps is that I didn’t use too many colours and I like the way the watercolour fades away at the edges. There are little white patches where I didn’t touch up the painting and I think they work too in adding a highlight here and there. I have printed another one out because a red brick house might also be fun to do.

The designer of this stamp is coming over for dinner tonight so I will ask where this door is in real life…

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12 Comments on “Old Stone Doorway”

  1. patricia rowe says:

    What an extraordinary entrance! Your colors are wonderful, so you should be happy with them.
    Love the details you have given us.

  2. PaperMorePaper says:

    How proud you must be that your children have inherited your artful talents. This door is spectacular and the coloration complements it perfectly. Can’t wait to see the red brick!

  3. nancystiz says:

    Your coloring on the brick and stone stole my attention the minute I brought this up. What a beautiful digi your daughter created. I love how your coloring made the stone and brick look so dimensional. Just gorgeous!

  4. Loll says:

    WOW! Amazing image and so beautifully watercoloured, Heather. Your daughter is so talented!! xx

  5. nise says:

    SO inviting! What a wonderful collaboration of the talents in your family.

  6. creatingincolors says:

    How wonderful that your daughter is blessed with artistic talent, same as you! This is a beautiful doorway scene and I love how you painted it. I went to your daughter’s Etsy Shop and was also pleased to see her Bergamo Street Scene, special because Bergamo is the home of my ancestors.

    • Heather says:

      She is very artistic and I am thrilled to have her designs to work with. We are both excited that you saw her Bergamo Street scene and have that special connection with it.

  7. Pat says:

    Another wonderful image created by your daughter Heather and I think your watercolouring worked beautifully, and I love the colours you used, and you always choose well when using a limited palette, which I think is a great way to create harmony in the finished look. x

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