I consider lupins one of my garden successes. It may be a stretch for me to take credit because they were here when we moved in and they are not gone yet so I feel like my part in the success has been just not killing them all! They start blooming not too long after the bulbs and I have them in white, purple, pink, purple/white and dark purple. Last year I took care to chop off all the dead heads and I still had some blooming in August! Some of the plants became aphid hotels so please let me know if you have a fix for that which doesn’t involve me picking them all off by hand!

The new lupin stamp from Penny Black is called ‘distinctive’ and it has two flower heads on one stem. I used shaded lilac, chipped sapphire and seedless preserves to ink the stamp so I could create lupins that are a close match to the ones that appear in my garden. The leaves and stems were inked with mowed lawn, forest moss and peeled paint distress inks. You can see in the close up that I have a mix of blended and unblended sections on the card. I used the misti, spritzed the stamp after inking and also did a bit of blending with a paintbrush after stamping. I think the mix of textures add to the appeal and adding some water helps the ink spread on the hot pressed watercolour paper.

The birthday sentiment is from the new PB set, ‘how sweet’. There are three little sentiments in the set along with a floral stamp. Oh, and of course there is splatter, but you probably noticed that already!


8 Comments on “Distinctive”

  1. PaperMorePaper says:

    What a beautiful breath of spring you have given us this morning, Heather! The lupine colors are favorites (thank you for your palette) and how you arrange two flower heads to fill up a whole card separates the artist from us wannabes.

  2. Jennifer Steckley says:

    Thanks for all of your lovely art over the years! Lovely, lovely lupines! Try Diatomaceous Earth on your aphids. Non toxic to people but does the job on any bugs with soft underside. You’ll need to apply it a few times as it washes off in the rain.

  3. nancystiz says:

    Beautiful lupines! I can’t get over how you managed to keep the individual petals so distinct! Love the glorious colors on this too!

  4. Laura Kate says:

    The least damaging way to remove aphids is a strong stream of water. That may or may not cause the delicate petals to fall off, you will have to experiment with it. You may have to repeat the spraying every three or so days. Aphids reproduce frequently.

  5. Pat says:

    These lupins are so lifelike and pretty in the shades of blue and look wonderful repeated across the card using the different colours straight to the stamp with enough water to give them that loosely coloured look and I love that the colour strengths vary. x

  6. Clelie says:

    When I saw the new release, I fell in love with the Lupin stamp. When my son was young (now 30!♥), one of our very favorite books was Miss Rumphius. He chose it over and over for bedtime readings!. Your gorgeous card reminded me of wonderful times with him and the lupin lady! Your Art evoked a precious memory!♥

  7. Karen Jackson says:

    I love these Lupins, Heather. It is such a cheerful card. They are my favourite flower.Until this new PB release I had never come across a faithful Lupin stamp. I am pleased to say that my stamp arrived yesterday. On a couple of holidays to Nova Scotia I was delighted to see so many growing wild on the roadside and I drove my husband mad making him stop over and over again, when it was safe, to stare at them and photograph them. Great work!

  8. PattysArtGarden says:

    Your card is lovely! Aphids love lupines … spray the plants with water as often as you can. It displaces the aphids. Also, purchase a few cleaning crews (AKA ladybugs) and sprinkle them among the lupines in early morning, when the plants are dewy.

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