Lilac & Fern

I don’t think I am alone in calling this stamp set a favourite. The two lilac stalks are pretty alone but with a sprig or two of fern they are delightful. I stamped this panel a while ago so the exact process is no longer firm in my memory but I do remember a crucial step which I will share with you.

I inked then stamped the lilacs with a mix of distress inks and Karin markers and the ferns with peeled paint distress ink. It looked ok but not the soft blended bunch I was after. I did like the combo of lilacs and ferns though so I thought I would dilute it all and see what happened. I didn’t spritz it; I drowned it. I dipped the whole panel in a bucket of water (the laundry is right beside my workroom) and watched a lot but not all of the colour drain away. The brightness of the peeled paint ink washed out but the olive stain remained. The lilacs washed out to a paler version of themselves and it was rather nice.

I re-inked the lilac stamps with the royal blue, lush green, henna and gold markers and stamped darker more distinct lilacs over the top. I have a friend who has had many successes with what she calls the ‘drowning’ method. It’s worth a try if your panel is not going in quite the direction you wanted; what have you got to lose? It’s only paper!

Although it is not quite ready yet my new online class, Floral Faves, is getting closer every day and I will be teaching techniques using your floral stamps to create card sized art works like the one above. I can’t wait to open the class and of course I will let you know as soon as it happens. Stay tuned!


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10 Comments on “Lilac & Fern”

  1. Patricia Rowe says:

    Another beautiful card to brighten my day. We have a bit of rain and cold today.the last of our to see your blue flowers is inspiring.
    Tish Rowe

    • Heather says:

      so happy your day was brightened, Tish, we are enjoying sunshine for the next few days and I am happy to see more colour appearing in the garden.

  2. Love this!!!

    Sent from my iPad


  3. nancystiz says:

    This is just gorgeous! A friend of mine did a card using that technique. After she had a mess she ran the whole thing under the faucet. Love that idea and how perfectly it bled the ink. Thanks for the reminder to do this. I suspect my results will not be quite this beautiful.

  4. Pat says:

    I love the lilac stems with the ferns Heather and you have achieved a great look by immersing in water and then readding the colour in a way you prefer and a brilliant result. x

  5. Clelie says:

    Oh boy, did I laugh! ☺ Can’t wait to try it! I do put my glossy photo paper with distress oxide inks under the faucet then let it dry on a towel (instead of using a million baby wipes ☺). Love this card and yes, I also have and LOVE these stamps. Have never taken a class before and I am GOING to take your new class. Glad you mentioned it; was afraid I had missed the notice.♥

    • Heather says:

      I’m excited you are planning to take the class. You won’t miss it; I’ll be shouting it out loud and clear once registration is open!

  6. swanlady21 says:

    So lovely I had to pop by and tell you!

  7. Loll says:

    WOW! LOVE this amazing card Heather. Very cool technique and I’ll have to give the drowning a try!:) xx

  8. […] I needed to get it inked up. I used the same technique for today’s card as I did for a recent lilac card. I inked the stamp with three ink colours (listed below), spritzed and stamped on hot pressed […]

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