Seashells Filmstrip

Before you wonder why a seashell card has popped up right after a snow covered bell card remember that not everyone is heading into winter right now. I can wistfully look at these seashells and wish I was entering an Australian summer and that wistfulness would not just be about the weather! Speaking of Australia, this stamp is from Darkroom Door and is one of their new filmstrip stamps.

I used a stamp positioner to stamp the filmstrip edge to edge moving my panel up or down each time to feature a different portion of the stamp. I used five different inks to ink the stamp fairly randomly then spritzed it before stamping so the inks were already moving. I continued blending the colours with a paintbrush on the watercolour paper panel.

You can see some shells are more sharply defined than others which corresponds to how much water I added before and after stamping. I stamped a sentiment from the DD sentiment strip – friendship stamp. I have kept the stamp as one long strip (I think many people have done so), so I can stamp them all at once or stamp a section and cut out the one I want. In this case I stamped a section, cut out the sentiment I was after then ripped one edge and coloured the tear with wild honey distress ink.

I have a shell collection which sits untouched in a box for years at a time and then an occasion like this arises and I open the box and remember how delighted I always am when walking on a beach looking for shells.


4 Comments on “Seashells Filmstrip”

  1. PaperMorePaper says:

    These shells look wonderful in their unexpected colors, another reminder that an open mind is a treasure creating art and much more.

  2. Pat says:

    I love this film strip with shells, a somewhat different combination but it works well, and as you say Heather summer is coming in the southern hemisphere. The colours are so pretty and you have done my favourite watercolour straight to stamp inking and spritzing technique which gives wonderful more random results. I also love the way you have used the film strip at a slight angle rather than straight up and down, and a super sentiment too. x

  3. Clelie says:

    I like this very much! This seashell filmstrip stamp is definitely going on my ‘Wish List’ after seeing your amazingly gorgeous card creation! Thank you for the Inspiration!♥

  4. Patricia Rowe says:

    As usual, all I could say was Wow when saw this. I sure miss the beach, have countless shell stamps, and this is a perfect way to display them.

    Love the colors.
    Thanks for sharing.

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