Almost a gel press card

I have been waiting for some time to get the gel press out again and it has finally happened. A gel press session needs a decent amount of time and space otherwise I barely remember what to do before I have to pack up again. I find when I am working with the gel press my first prints or ‘pulls’ are very uninteresting as I get back into the process and build up some interesting colour and texture on the gel plate. That was definitely the case yesterday when I got started. The squares above did not come from a gel print. I cut them all from the cardstock off to the side where I was cleaning off my brayer!

Maybe you can guess from the squares that I was using dark blue, dark green and deep violet acrylic paint. The reason most of the squares look softer and more pastel is because I also used white paint each time I rolled some colour onto the plate. I may not use any of the gel prints I made yesterday but the scrap sheet for cleaning my brayer was perfect for making a card inspired by ‘Dear Paperlicious’. I am often inspired by Joan; I’m sure you will be too if you take a look at her blog or instagram. Her cards are clever and cool, just like her!

I cut all my squares using one of the dies from the Waffle Flower color combos die set then popped them up on craft foam and added a sentiment from MFT. Hopefully you will see some actual gel printing in the days to come but until then don’t discount the usefulness of a pretty piece of scrap paper!

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10 Comments on “Almost a gel press card”

  1. creatingincolors says:

    There is beauty everywhere in art!

  2. Lieve S says:

    Your card is a beauty ! Good that you kept your scrap paper !
    Thank you for the inspiration.

  3. marilyn418 says:

    I’m just so impressed how you lined up all those little squares so evenly!! Fun card …and love the back story too…

  4. Pat says:

    This is a beautiful and interesting card with the squares in lovely strong complementary colours Heather and a great sentiment in white on black which works well going right the way across the squares. It just goes to show you should never throw anything away. x

  5. Julie Wexler says:

    Clever you, to see the possibilities in the brayer rub-offs! I love it! Here’s to happy accidents, and recognizing beauty and usefulness in unexpected places. :–)

  6. swanlady21 says:

    Beautiful! Having the space between the squares makes it so fresh.

  7. patricia rowe says:

    Creative as usual. Brayering makes such interesting patterns when cleaned. Usually, I use a paper towel, but now this gives a whole new look on using it.
    Never thought about this die either. Had no idea it even existed. See….all the goodies that we learn from you!!


  8. Lagene says:

    Very pretty! Love the soft blends!

  9. Cath says:

    thanks for being open about gel printing — the card looks great

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