Hand painted grasses

I painted a simple scene recently featuring mainly grasses along with some berries and golden flowers. Unlike some of my other paintings where I have tried to make them look like a particular flower or vegetable, these plants are whimsical doodles.

I was inspired by CeeCee of Creations CeeCee; she does beautiful paintings in lovely natural colour palettes and often includes some gold or silver. I painted on cold pressed watercolour paper with Sennelier watercolours plus some gold from a Finetec pearlescent set.

As you can probably tell I began with the green leafy grasses but painted with the panel upside down. My intention was a weeping willow type of look but when I turned it around I decided to continue painting plants reaching for the sky instead. I finished it off with some fine gold splatter.


8 Comments on “Hand painted grasses”

  1. Liane Desmarais-Cavanagh says:

    Your creations are always inspiring. I can almost here a breeze blowing through the tall grasses. Thank you for sharing a tranquil and refreshing moment captured with your brush and paint.

    • Heather says:

      Thank you, what a lovely response; I’m glad you find it tranquil. I am definitely getting to know my paints better as I tackle my little watercolours.

  2. Beverly Railey Robinson says:

    Absolutely one of your best! I love this painting. It brings me peace. I’m going to get lit paper and paint and give it a try. Thank you.

  3. Bonnie says:

    Beautiful wildflowers, Heather!

  4. swanlady21 says:

    Beautiful Heather. And love how you added some blue in the grasses.

  5. Beautiful! I love the texture of grasses and the way they move in the breeze!
    I should get you to paint something from my garden : )

  6. Lagene says:

    Beautiful, it makes me think of a photo I took of my oldest grandson about 16 years ago when he was 4 and we were hiking around our favorite mountain lake. I had him sit in the wild grasses ane yellow flowers with just his shoulders & head peeking above the grasses with the lake in the background!

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