A wreath two ways

I have one wreath, ‘winter chirp’ from Penny Black, presented in two ways today. The first is neat and tidy, the other is loose and messy. I started with gold embossing and used similar colour schemes on each one.

They are both painted with peerless watercolour paints, which I love. I stayed inside the lines on the first card and went all loose and freestyle on the second. I almost gave up on the second but as I kept adding colours it did look a little less like a mistake! I almost didn’t post the messy one but in real life it actually looks artsy and fun.

I chose gold cardstock for some stacked die cut sentiments, also from PB, so the sentiment and embossing would co-ordinate. I also matted with gold and green (yes it’s green, not black) cardstock on a cream cardbase.

I hesitate to ask but are you on the neat team or the artsy(messy) team?


Stamp: winter chirp (PB)

Dies: very merry, rejoice (PB)

Ink: versamark

Paint: peerless watercolours

Paper: hot pressed watercolour paper, gold cardstock, green cardstock

Also: metallic gold rich embossing powder, double sided adhesive sheets

16 Comments on “A wreath two ways”

  1. Dare I say it, but I like both equally. I appreciate the courage it takes to be messy, though, so I guess if I had to choose one over the other, it would be the messy one.

  2. Pat says:

    Two fabulous wreaths Heather, and I do love them both. I know what you mean about the second, but the colours are gorgeous and show off the beautiful gold embossing. The first is very controlled and pretty, but there is drama in the second. I think I always used to be extremely controlled with my approach to art, but I have learned since take up cardmaking, and especially stamping that freeing things up is good and leads to some really happy accidents as it is more unpredictable. I guess underneath I still like to exercise a fair amount of control, but less than I used to..lol. x

    • Heather says:

      Thank you Pat. I too have been very controlled in my art in the past but since I came to love watercolour I have had to loosen that control because I love to see the pretty and serendipitous things that can happen when you let the paint move!

  3. Carolyn L says:

    I couldn’t be neat if I tried, though I do appreciate the more subdued wreath. The coloration of the what-the-heck piece was spectacular and my favorite of the two. (Always wonder how people are able to create in a spotlessly clean, all white cabinet-ed room with a bare desk top.)

    • Heather says:

      There is no ‘ spotlessly clean, all white cabinet-ed room with a bare desk top’ around this place. I actually painted both neat and messy panels while watching tv! Glad you like them both.

  4. Karen Jackson says:

    I like both of these wreaths Heather, and it would depend who I was sending the card to, which style, neat or Artsy, that I would choose. For me personally, it would be the jewelled colours of the Artsy one.

  5. memalagene says:

    Heather, I am so GLAD you did post the loose water colored wreath! I actually like it the best!

  6. Denise Bryant says:

    Surprisingly, I’m on the messy team!

  7. Jan Pignanelli says:

    I think we appreciate the work of the first card because it’s so perfect. The second is very interesting and brings out a love for colors. I love it when I start with a “mistake” and make it into something better. Heather , beautifully done!

  8. Janet S. says:

    Messy card, hands down!!!

  9. Colleen Foxe says:

    Definitely the artsy wreath for me. It has a wonderful sense of movement – but then I’m a big watercolour fan and that means letting go and allowing the colours their own life. As a fellow Aussie who also lived for some time in Canada in my earlier years, I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your posts, Heather – especially your ‘messy’ ones! Cheers Colleen Foxe

    • Heather says:

      It appears that team artsy (messy) is definitely in the lead. Even though I hesitated about posting the messy one I do really like it otherwise it would not be on the blog. I love the elegance of the other one combined with the fancy die cut word but the messy has more to say!
      So glad to hear from another Aus/Can crafter. Where are you in Australia?

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  11. Connie S. says:

    You know I love colour but the artsy is a little much for me. Will have to go with neat and against the grain from the comments above.

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