Winter sky

It’s taking me a while to get back into gear here on the blog but I have been busy planning my next class. Living as I do surrounded by winter beauty I often look a the sky or the landscape and wonder how I can turn it into a card. This is one such attempt. I looked at the sky one afternoon, because the sun sets in the afternoon around here, there is no waiting for evening! There was a pale pink glow above the horizon, a little blue then grey reaching up. I was managing to create some subtlety with this scene right up until the brusho shook out of the bottle rather more generously than intended! No matter, a lot of water and paper towel calmed things down again.

I started with a panel of hot pressed watercolour paper splattered with masking fluid. I painted some water across the panel where the horizon would be then sprinkled a little ost. red brusho above and blended it in with a paintbrush. Next I added grey brusho and blended that to fill the sky and finally some ost. blue brusho for some blue tones. I kept adding, blending and diluting until I was happy with the soft gradation of colour. While the sky was still damp I pressed just the small tree part of a landscape stamp out of the PB peaceful winter set repeatedly across the horizon inked with memento London fog ink.

I used the stamping platform to stamp and restamp the trees on the right from the PB snowy village set in black soot distress ink. As distress ink is water soluble I was able to paint over the stamping with water to make the image bolder and darker. I added a little blue brusho as I painted to give the tree some light and shadow. I dried the panel before painting another line of water, this time across the panel in line with the base of the tree trunk. Again I added the same brusho colours but got a bit more blue than I’d bargained for.

After drying that section I stamped just the left hand trees from the PB dressed in snow stamp again in black soot ink. I used a paintbrush to darken the stamped image and extend the trees a little more on the right. To finish I rubbed off the masking fluid and mounted the panel onto a white card base. All the supplies are linked below. I hope you have had a great week.



Inks: black soot distress, London fog memento

Paint: brusho

Paper: hot pressed watercolour, neenah solar white

Also: masking fluid

8 Comments on “Winter sky”

  1. memalagene says:

    WOW! Very pretty winter scene!

  2. creatingincolors says:

    That is so beautiful, Heather. The pinks and blues remind me of what I’ve been doing lately – I often miss sunsets, so I’ve been getting up in the morning while it’s still dark and quiet in the house, sipping coffee, reading, and peacefully watching the dawn, hoping it will be one of those mornings where the sky is full of pinks and blues. The Winter Solstice seems to be the most gorgeous time for this. You nailed the pinks and blues I only have in photos – I should try a card!

  3. Rufus says:

    Another gorgeous card. Would love to see you create one, but do appreciate the written explanation. So very, very pretty!

  4. Hema says:

    Heather you an amazing artistic sense. The scene is perfect
    Also love the effect created with Brusho. Thank you.

  5. KK says:

    Another serendipitous result – beautiful as ever! Your art is amazing 🙂

  6. Karen Jackson says:

    Another beautiful card. Well done Heather on capturing just the right amount, colour and quality of light on a snowy January afternoon. We are three weeks past the Solstice now, only another three weeks to go and we will notice the light returning.

    Congratulations on achieving your goal and half as much again for your Dressember challenge. You and your team have done so well. Hope that your combined legs have thawed out now.

  7. Pat says:

    This is gorgeous Heather and I love the pink and blue which adds extra pretty light into the scene, and yet another watercolour full of interest and atmosphere. x

  8. This is wonderful Heather. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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