Stencil negative


The technique I have to share today is one of those ‘don’t waste all that pretty paint’ techniques. Sometimes I will be creating something and paint or ink ends up all over a mat, stamp or in this case, a stencil after the initial project is completed. Rather than simply rinse the ink or paint off it is usually worth taking a print or swiping a piece of paper through the excess paint to pick up all the pretty.


I was creating panels using the Penny Black stencil, promenade, along with molding paste and brusho paint. Once I had finished sprinkling brusho over the stencil and paste, I spritzed with water before removing the stencil. The stencil was covered in diluted brusho so I pressed it onto a piece of cold pressed watercolour paper and this patterned piece was the result. Incidentally I also made two cards with the stencilled shape on them but they did not photograph well at all. They look fine in real life!


I like the ‘negative’ print from the stencil enough that I might just create a negative print as a technique on its own. But then would I end up with a pretty ‘positive print’ as a by product of my creating!?!

This post was brought to you from my ‘pile of possibilities‘.


Stamps:  Amazing (PB)
Stencils:  Promenade (PB)
Inks:  Versamark(Tsukineko)
Paint: Brusho (Colourcraft)
Paper: Canson 100% cotton cold pressed watercolour paper, Neenah epic black
Also: white embossing powder

14 Comments on “Stencil negative”

  1. marilyn418 says:

    Just beautiful! And yes, I think a new technique was born!!

  2. Holly says:

    Heather- what did you use to hold your stencil down?

    • Heather says:

      Hi Holly,
      I think I just taped it with painter’s tape, spread the molding paste over it, sprinkled the brusho then spritzed the water over everything. It was a little while ago and I was playing with a variety of techniques so I’m not absolutely sure.

  3. Susie Williams says:

    This looks so lovely Heather. I love this technique, you never know quite what you will get.

  4. Bonnie says:

    This is beautiful, Heather! You’d never know it was made from a “leftover” and not the first intention!

  5. Pat says:

    This was truly worth printing from the ink on the stencil Heather. The colours are so bright and pretty and I love the white on black sentiment too. x

  6. Lovely, I really like it when we can get more than one card from one technique!

  7. […] this week I posted a card made out of a leftover, the negative print from a stencil used for watercolouring. Today’s card is a positive print […]

  8. Donna Black says:

    I couldn’t remember her name on Thurs and this is not a real good example of what she

    does but if you subscribe to her website you can follow her artistic skills. She does use

    the Penny Black stamps along with the water coloring and she does very nice work.


  9. cmtaylor says:

    Beautiful art, you are always so generous in your tips and hints to make us all better artist. I will never be as talented as you are but I am better than I used to be, because of you. Thank you Heather.

  10. Jo Jo's Spot says:

    Thank you Heather for sharing your beautiful discoveries along the way. You truly have an artist’s soul, not only a talented one but a generous one too. Hugs, Joanna xx

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