Salt & Dandelions

Just in case you are wondering this isn’t a recipe, well not an edible one! I know you can eat several parts of a dandelion plant but I don’t know about the little seeds that blow everywhere to plant new dandelions. This card has been hiding out in a drawer with a few others cards that give the impression of light and shade.

I didn’t create the multicoloured background for the dandelion stamp; I just created it while experimenting with watercolour paints and salt crystals. You have probably done the same sort of thing yourself. If not, try sprinkling salt crystals of different sizes on wet watercolour paint or die ink. As it dries it creates fabulous patterns. The ones on this panel looked so much like dandelion seeds I had to find the right stamp and sentiment to finish the card. You can find a video demonstrating the salt sprinkling technique here. After the paint and panel has dried you can gently brush off the salt to reveal the patterns.

I used gansai tambi watercolour paints and a large PB stamp called ‘Dandee’. If I had wanted a background that looked like dandelion fluff blowing about I’m sure I couldn’t have created it. That’s why I play and experiment then see what I should make with the panels.

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6 Comments on “Salt & Dandelions”

  1. Pat says:

    What a fabulous card Heather and I love the colours so much and also the lifting of the colour with salt gives such a textural look and the way some of the crystals have drawn up the colour actually look like sweet little flowers, and the dandelion seed head is just perfect over the top. x

  2. nancystiz says:

    A definite WOW card! That dandelion couldn’t be more perfect for this and love the fuzzies you achieved with salt. That background is glorious! Just gorgeous!

  3. Connie S. says:

    Love it!

  4. Loll says:

    AMAZING! This is the perfect background to pair with the dandelion stamp, Heather. The light and dark looks like this was a field of dandelions on a sunny, summery day. Beautiful and creative work, my friend. xx

  5. That’s fabulous!! I’m going to try this x

  6. Tish Rowe says:

    Need sunglasses to view these lovely flowers. Your choice of colors is perfect for the beauty of them.
    Thanks, as usual, for the thorough information and details.

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