Off to School journal page

Some of you might recognise the artwork on this journal page. I have saved calendars, magazines, greeting cards and diaries over the years and now that I am creating collages and journal page spreads they are coming into their own. Quite a few years back I saw a calendar featuring covers from Good Housekeeping magazines of the 1920’s and 30’s. I thought the covers were delightful and bought two of the calendars. I enjoyed it during the year then tucked it away for future inspiration.

The calendar images are larger than the 6″x 6″ pages in the journals I am currently using so I chose a painting where I could cut out components and create a smaller scene. I cut the two children and the dog and glued them onto a collaged and painted background. I used floral paper mainly around the edges, blue paint for the background. The fence and cobble stone path were created with texture paste through a stencil. I used a few different Darkroom Door stamps to add vintage details across the page.

I did have to do more fussy cutting than I usually care to but these sweet images were worth it. Once they were glued down I used a black marker to go round the edges of the cut outs and immediately smudged the ink with my fingers or a damp brush. It’s a technique I have seen Vicky Papaioannou do many times on her journal pages. I used a white gel pen to add highlights, another trick from Vicky.

If you want to see what the original artwork by Vernon Thomas, just search good housekeeping magazine with the date I have added to the bottom left corner of my page.


15 Comments on “Off to School journal page”

  1. Marilyn Fortin says:

    Love this!

    Marilyn Fortin Comptroller & Member Relations Mining Association of Canada 613 233-9392 extension 322 ________________________________

  2. Edna Burgess says:

    Such a good idea. Love these two finished cards.

  3. Edna Burgess says:

    Sch a cute idea. Love the finished product.

  4. Ina Eisen says:

    Heather, this is so awesome. Reminds me of the Duck and Jane books in school. Great nostalgia, and brings back lots of memories.

    • Heather says:

      Thank you Ina,
      I have actually been thinking of using some pages from a few golden books or ladybird books but I’m not sure I am willing to cut into them. Stay tuned!

  5. PaperMorePaper says:

    Heather, this piece is so very sweet! The children almost make themselves but your surrounding artwork makes the cake. Perfect!

  6. Donata says:

    Hi Heather, This is soooo cute and expertly done of course. Thank you again for taking the time to post and with all your instructions and thought process. I really appreciate it!

  7. nancystiz says:

    This is fantastic! What a joy seeing this this morning. This is creativity at it’s best and sure does remind me of the old story books. How fun and I commend you for being willing to fussy cut. Outstanding work on your background too.

  8. Karen Jackson says:

    These pages are so well done Heather. The children remind me of illustrations by Mabel Lucie Atwell in the UK when I was a child.Wonderful!

  9. Clelie says:

    Wow…these pages are incredible!♥

  10. nise says:

    Your journal pages are nostalgically wonderful! Love that you repurposed calendar images. I have years of Mary Engelbreit calendars which would require a much larger journal than the Dina Wakely 6×6 I am trying to experiment in. You always give me things to consider. Thank You!

  11. Bonnie says:

    What an awesome way to recycle your calendars, Heather!

  12. Donna Shelton says:

    This drawing of the 2 kids is so reminwscent of Dick and Jane I just Love it!

  13. Pat says:

    What a great page using this beautiful vintage artwork off the calendars you have Heather and love the dog too. In some ways it reminds me of the Famous Five and Secret Seven books which had wonderful illustrations too. x

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