Fern gel print journal page

Another art journal page today which is unusual for me. After noticing there was a fern growing beside one of the drainpipes off my roof I had to try gel printing with one of the intricate fronds. I made a card with a fern gel print too but carelessly I let it leave the house before being photographed!

To gel print a leaf or feather I use a two step process. I apply paint to the gel plate; I used blues and greens and the large 12″x14″ gel plate. I lay the fern frond as flat as I could on the plate and then took a print; once again I used rice paper. The first pull picks up all the surrounding ink leaving a white empty frond shaped space in the middle. I carefully removed the fern which reveals the print of the frond still on the gel plate. I took a second pull, laying the paper down in the same place so it picked up all the detail of the fern. You can see a video of the same process in an earlier post.

To attach the large print to my art journal pages was a little tricky. I cut it in half and worked one side at a time applying the matte medium to the page not the print. I will do the opposite next time. Rice paper is thin which makes it less bulky but I had to be careful not to use too much glue. When I made the card (which is gone!) I applied a thin coat of matte medium to the gel print and immediately pressed a piece of cardstock down on the rice paper and put something heavy on top. It worked well.

Thanks for joining me this week as I went off in card-less directions. I have enjoyed your encouragement and thoughts in the comments. If you are free tonight at 7:30 EDT and want to see me creating live online for the first time I would be thrilled. I have no idea what I’ll make; it all depends on what the wheel spins for me!

7 Comments on “Fern gel print journal page”

  1. Loll says:

    Your fern print is AMAZING, Heather. Great work! xx

  2. nancystiz says:

    What a magnificent fern! The print turned out beautifully! I have done the leaf prints before from your video but thanks again for the link. Now off to watch you live here!

  3. Karen Jackson says:

    it has been a fascinating week watching you make the gel prints Heather. This fern print is a worthy finale. Thanks for the link to the method. Will definitely try this sometime soon.
    Good luck tonight….I’ll be watching x

  4. Pat says:

    This fern print is beautiful Heather and I love the green with the touch of blue and the detail of the fern has come out perfectly. I must try this when I next find the right size fern as I only have a 6″square gelli plate. I am just about to watch the programme here in the UK. I’m sure it will be great. x

  5. Bonnie says:

    Awesome journal pages, Heather! I love the print the fern makes! I have some ferns and need to give them a try. Hope to get time to watch your demo.

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