Masked hand painted circle

A few weeks ago I posted a floral wreath I’d painted and asked your opinion on adding a sentiment. In the end I didn’t risk stamping or writing one because I didn’t want to spoil the finished wreath with an inky mistake. So….can you guess why I have a large sentiment strip stuck across this floral circle I painted?

To create the floral circle I drew a circle in pencil on cold pressed watercolour paper then painted liquid frisket (masking fluid) to a width of about half an inch around the outside of the circle. I used my Sennelier watercolours to paint three large roses first then moved onto other flowers, leaves and berries until the circle was fairly full. With a random design like this one whether it is painted or stamped it makes sense to start with the largest images to make sure you can fit them in then finish off will little leaves, dots or tiny flowers to fill any spaces at the end.

Once the painted circle was complete I practiced a ‘happy birthday’ greeting on scraps of watercolour paper with my nib pen and some black ink until I was happy with the size and style. I had only written 2½ letters before a large blob of black ink landed on the panel where the letter ‘p’ should have been! As you probably guessed that is the reason I have a large birthday banner obscuring some of my pretty flowers.


10 Comments on “Masked hand painted circle”

  1. Beverly Railey Robinson says:

    Great card. I can’t wait to try!

  2. Pat says:

    These flowers are gorgeous Heather, and so pretty in this circular style, and your strip across the middle with the sentiment on looks great too, even if it was done this way to hide a blob of ink it does add to the design anyway. I have been looking on line at examples of these freestyle flowers, and will give it a go at some point I think. Your Sennelier watercolours are so pretty and fresh looking too. x

  3. Joanne H says:


  4. Bonnie says:

    The sentiment banner looks like it was intended! I think that’s happened to all of us, many times! You didn’t have to cover up much of this gorgeous design. Beautiful flowers!

  5. This card is still beautiful even with the banner. I hope you keep doing these handprinted cards, they are just wonderful xx

  6. marilyn418 says:

    Flowers are stunningly beautiful and the layout is great! It is a shame to have to had covered up some of your art work, BUT the whole card still is wonderful! Recipient will be incredibly lucky!

  7. Karen Jackson says:

    A fantastic card Heather. Your hand painting of flowers is superb. You can be too honest sometimes. No one needed to know about the blob of ink. The finished piece is wonderful.I love the little hemp bow.

  8. swanlady21 says:

    So pretty! There is always a way to save a card. 🙂

  9. ND says:

    Well done! You have demonstrated another precept worth remembering.
    “Don’t waste a mistake or an accident!”

  10. Lagene says:

    WOW this is gorgeous!

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