This bunch of tulips is called ‘splendiferous’ which sums up their elegance well I think. ‘Splendiferous’ does sound a little bit like a made up word so I had to look it up and check. It is in fact a real word a bit like fantabulous, also a real word. I stamped these splendiferous tulips in nocturne versafine clair ink then coloured them with Arteza real brush pens. I posted a video a few days ago about the real brush pens, here’s the link if you’d like to see me trying them out on my favourite watercolour techniques.

I blended the colouring with water after stamping them with versafine, a waterproof ink. Even though the petals have quite a variation of pink tones it was all done with one real brush pen, the blush red, from the 96 set. I coloured near the base of the petals or edges in shadow then blended the colour with water to fill the petal. I tried to work one petal at a time so the depth of colour in one section would not spread into an area I wanted lighter.

The leaves are also coloured with only one brush pen, emerald green. Once again I blended with water to get the variation of colour. The sentiment from ‘magical friendship’ is a lovely one and is stamped in versafine crimson red. To finish the card I matted in red and attach to a cream card base. I mentioned the other day that Arteza provided a discount code for my readers to use and then I forgot to provide it!! It is HeatherTelford1 and is worth 10% off. Arteza is also hosting a giveaway right now, you can find out how it works on their youtube channel.

As I mentioned yesterday I am very happy to be connecting with you in the comments. If you would also like to connect through snail mail, please use the ‘CONTACT ME‘ button to send me your name and address. I will put a card in the mail to you.


7 Comments on “Splendiferous”

  1. Lagene says:

    Simply GORGEOUS cas! I initially thought splendiferous was a made up word too, haha.

  2. PaperMorePaper says:

    Heather, your talent at just “blend with water” is one we all wish we had! These tulips are gorgeous, a perfect model for our efforts. Thank you again for sharing your process in such detail. Be well!

    • Heather says:

      Thank you, I’m glad you enjoy my posts, I am amazed that these tulips used only two pens, makes it easier that’s for sure. Hope you are well too.

  3. Mac Mable says:

    I am always hugely inspired your posts Heather…you are so talented and creative x. What a beautiful card with great water colouring and with only one red and one green….It sure is a Splendiferous card x.

  4. Bonnie says:

    Wow! You’ve done this tulips wonderfully, Heather! What wonderful rich color and beautiful blending! Another masterpiece, my friend!

  5. Pat says:

    So beautiful Heather and those fabulous watercoloured tulips really jump off the paper. x

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